Apartment Set Up? Draw Ideas From This Project In Brazil

apartment set up FC Studio Brazil photo Pedro Kok

Set up House – beautiful ideas from a dream apartment in Brazil

We have seen so far no statistics come from which country the most popular projects in the apartment set up. Itself, we have also made no such. But somehow we have the feeling that Brazil will do just fine. Now we have there is a project, which probably many around the world wonderful role model could serve as.

The great challenge

Is the design and architectural firm, which set up project behind this apartment , FC Studio. According to their own statements, the main challenge is to change the functionality would be.

It was before the beginning of a family home. But after the new apartment set up it should serve an alone living advertising agent as a permanent place of residence.

Compact apartment with flexible design

apartment set up ideas eclectic design photo Pedro Kok

Rather than to remove the items from the original design, it has decided to keep the memory of this. You were shown, stresses, but subordinate to the new single-apartment idea of setting up.

Single apartment with male character

apartment set up FS Studio of open living plan photo Pedro Kok

Different spaces within an open living plan

In other words, it has kept the living room, the home theater, the dining room table even after the new concept of housing set up. But it had successfully integrated it in an open plan. Partition walls have been torn down for this purpose and a toilet, which has fragmented the area previously, has been removed.

The open living plan fascinates by its functionality

apartment setting up flexible design photo Pedro Kok

The kitchen

The open living plan flows into the kitchen, which was also newly designed. It has transformed there completely the old construction and has placed a wine closet and other facilities for storage.

Unusual wine rack in the kitchen

apartment set up ideas kitchen photo Pedro Kok

The concrete shelves represent a distinctive element, which were installed the window walls. Thus, it emphasizes also the vertical alignment of the public areas. It also exhibits many works of art.

One can also find a wide Gallery of Corten steel. It runs from the corner of the television to the lounge. It serves as a kind of formal and real border between the private and public sectors. These, and other elements, which represent the background, have been carried out in a neutral color palette. These together make up a unit. You make a fascinating contrast to the details and accessories, which have been distributed in the Interior.

The boundary between the living room and private room is very gradually

apartment set up ideas FC Studio photo Pedro Kok

The designer pieces of furniture

Let us now look at the furniture in detail. She is been subordinate to a very interesting concept. Let’s also close it.

Yellow armchair as blatant accents in the interior design

apartment set up FC Studio living room photo Pedro Kok

We have two levels as regards the style. The first relates to the use of forms. Everything works on this uniform modern. Then you have the level of colors. Some eclectic can be seen at this level. The grey, black and Brown surfaces in favour of a male character in the real sense of the word.

The combination suggests the male character of the apartment

apartment set up ideas colors combine FC Studio photo Pedro Kok

Cool glass coffee table and open shelves in the living room

apartment set up ideas FC Studio open shelves photo Pedro Kok

But almost unnoticed and gentle it is over in many places to a retrospective on the modern of the last century. While it would hardly recognize’s if the colors were not there. So you can say that the eclectic on a level of nuance is happening. You can tell that rather the yellow chairs and the candy blue kitchen. Pop art and quirky elements that seem like to be jumped out from an animated art, complete the whole look.

The small apartment with beautiful accents is better come to the fore

apartment set up ideas compact FC Studio photo Pedro Kok