Art Invigorates The House – A 150-year-old Building In New Splendour

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art revives old caviar patterned floor tiles the House

Art invigorates the House

The 150-year-old House on the beach by Patricia Gelman Gallery is at the same time, a living room, Studio, classroom and community. The Paris-born artist uses her extensive House to the restoration and exhibition of flea market finds from around the world to teach in gold leaf and silver leaf techniques and local artists to accommodate six-month exhibitions by other. This mix of creativity, education, community and traveling gives the Interior a delicate and colorful style.

View of the House

Who lives there: Patricia Gelman and your dogs Robine and PersefalLocation: Ajami, Jaffa, IsraelSize: 300 square metres; 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, plus 2 studios and a gallerySomething interesting: local film producers and fashion photographers have used this House as a stage work.

The center of the House, built 150 years ago, is in the living room and in the courtyard. Her father played on the wing. This is the single piece that has Gelman at home from your childhood in Paris. The floor tiles were originally there. Memories are an important part of the décor of their travels and flea market finds.

Gelman has recently learned that the House was formerly a synagogue, and in particular times was inhabited by craftsmen. She has the feeling that the House was actually intended as a Studio. In the seating area next to the entrance are an Asian folding screen and a couple of chairs, upholstered in a fabric pressed by Gelman.

One of their works, which is a print on acrylic with feather the artwork on the buffet is back

art revives the House eclectic design

A popular card has made poster size to enlarge them.

The chairs with painted legs are from a flea market. A local craftsman made the shelf

art house simple dining table with glass surface that animates

Gelman’s sleeping room next to the living room has a bathroom, which leads to the central courtyard.

She has restored the original door and recovered their original look. The shelf in the corner is also a piece of a flea market and it has renovated it with silver leaf.

A print of a painting by the French artist Gustave Caillebotte hangs over the bed

art revives the House elegant bed from wrought iron

It has transformed two further bedrooms studios in art, which also serve as a classroom. A third bedroom is used as a gallery for their last pieces.


The living room overlooks the nearby Jaffa skim beach.

Gelman has ticked the ‘canvas’ acrylic for deeper texture double – a technique which she recently experimented

art revives the House Baroque Chair made of leather plated

This is the view from the living room window

art revives the House Mediterranean views

Gelman enjoys the beach and the promenade, where their two dogs walk often leads.

This renovated buffet in the living room is one of the art projects by Gelman

art revives the House art collection

The open door leads to Guelman Gallery, where art exhibitions held twice a year

art revives the House final antique Dresser

An event was held here recently, that of a painter, photographer, and presentation timer on art and philosophy. Artist Udi Dayan, son of the former defense and Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, and the photographer Gilli Schwartz have kept the iron sculpture exhibitions at Gelman.

The Eclectic furnishings in the Gallery include a modern painted acrylic Chair, a Chair from the 15th century, a table in the Baroque style and other pieces from Austria.

art house oval dining table with wood carvings that revives

The light pours through the courtyard and in the magnificent original arched Windows with four-leaf clover-shaped details.

In this mild climate, Gelman can the door and Windows to keep

art revived that House beautiful floral ornaments and stained glass window

Gelman uses this sink for washing the paint brush

art revives the House delicate tiled mosaic

It enjoys their food in the courtyard on a vintage table, which the previous owner’s, remains the door leads to a main living area

art revived that House rustic flair with purple flowers

I never thought that I a so beautiful inside would stay, says Gelman, recorded at the House entrance

art revives the House happy and proud at the entrance

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