Art Studio – Harmony In A Brookliner Apartment

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Studio open-beam ceilings and large drum table lamps

Art Studio in Brooklyn

You can stay in a tiny one-room apartment without feeling constricted. That’s for sure. That was the aim of the designer Lyndsay Caleo from Brooklyn home company, which belongs to the project today. You made here for a balance between white and warm wood. Still reaching a balance between cheap and homemade furniture.

The one-room apartment at a glance

Who lives here: currently no one due to the renovations
Location: New York City
Size: 37 square metres

Sometimes the room itself, where things have to be told. The first thing that strikes one in this picture, is the IKEA table.

The couple has an entrance through the console table and the niche for the bedroom, which was not protected from the light, coming from all three Windows, somehow.

It has created a contrast with the white color through the wooden structure.

The strips, which can be seen on the ceiling, were part of the original construction, and according to the pair, they look super nice

Studio hidden double bed

The slats define the niche in which the bed is

bedsit snow-white bed linen and olive green pattern pillow

Do you know how you inserted the strips?

The base represents an Ikeabett storage drawers, including
You attach vertical 2 and 4 to the bed with large screws
Still, they have created panels from the Strip,
You attach the panels to the vertical set of 2 and 4

In their House, you will find many timeless and affordable furniture like this here

Studio of white ornaments woven shell mirror

It is an easy method to start with the timeless stuff and then combine them with handmade things.

The three paintings are a friend of the family, Sasha Weigel

Studio rough wooden boards and black white pictures

Karol is a Skulptor and furniture designer.

He has United the skills he needed for both, in this kitchen island

Studio flat natural wooden counter with coarse grain

When he was done, brought a white paint and beautiful it is immersed in the piece of furniture.

The kitchen is a wall of cabinets and appliances

bedsit elegant cabinets in white painted

But their placement within an open plan makes them appear much wider.

You can see a sink base and shower cubicle with glass frames in the next picture

one-roomed apartment shower in light grey tiles

Would you then also live in such a small apartment! I think that you sure would feel bad is if this is properly designed. A chic Studio apartment is the perfect choice for all single persons end.

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