Attractive Interior Design – Similarities Between The Previous Western And Old Japanese Style

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Wabi Sabi attractive interior design bedroom headboardSurprising, but real similarities between the previous Western and old Japanese style

Many in the Western world have felt the influence of earlier Westerns. This style communicates a feeling of simplicity. From this, one learns to find the beauty in simplicity. Precisely for this reason, the Western man like other forms of simplicity, originating from the same time. Maybe for the same reason, the Japanese wabi-sabi style like 90% of people intuitively.

Simple and efficient design of the houses of earlier Westerns in the Shaker style influenced still perceiving the people an apartment should look like. The same applies to the arts and crafts style of the designer William Morris and Gustav Stickley. Whose ideas came as a response to the repression of the Victorian era and the industrial revolution. Such ideas influenced the description of the Prairie houses exactly as much by Frank Lloyd Wright as a backdrop for the real life as the work of modern designer.

All of these features of simplicity and functionality are style also in the Japanese Wabi-SabiAttractive interior design

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi dining room wood table Chair

In today’s post, it is among other things to the development of this design to the end of the 18en and beginning of the 19th century. At that time, the industrialization was very strong. She had a huge impact on the perception of the design as such. Both trends were running in parallel.

The Shaker style was particularly strong towards the middle of the 18th century. It had enforced preference for simple and effective forms within the framework of this Designdisplay.

Especially the people of the American West have drawn themselves immediately to this style felt. Large ornaments seemed to be the right thing for believers!

We want to look at a few Japanese pieces with the same stylistic approach together?

Chester console table – 920 EUR

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi dark wood drawer table

The Japanese architect Tadao Ando visited the United States for the first time in 1970. He expressed his admiration over the properties of the American Shaker style.

According to his words, the simplicity and restraint had a structuring effect on the environment. He believes one has experienced an extremely refreshing in the context of the complexity of modern simplicity in this style.

William Morris Compton wall wallpaper

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi wall tiling wallpapers flower pattern

In 1889, the budget expert Emma Hewitt has expressed their very negative opinion about the Victorian era. She called these Designdisplay “American disease”. Hewitt has challenged people to greater simplicity and using of plenty only in really suitable places. William Morris has also started an own Kampanie in keeping this position to highlight the own social status through the Victorian-style. Through a series of hand of made works wanted to motivate other people to return to the beauty.

The wallpaper which created Morris are painted by hand and printed out and show a gorgeous simplicity. These were as a sign of the lack of imagination of poor people by the fans of the Victorian style.

Decorated in a Victorian style set up

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi stairs dining room traditionally

For his part, he has said tough criticism of Victorian style, picky and crowded with details. He has pointed out that often people at that time designated a piece of land as something inappropriate for their houses. It was said at that time, a piece was nice a few years ago, but now it would not fit into the building. According to Morris, these words show that it has become aware of the ghastly properties of the Victorian style. However, to do so, he said.

Look for the beauty in the mundane details

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi Bowl ceramic fruits

He has repeatedly advised his students to look for the beauty in the mundane details. According to his opinion, everyone should recognize the beauty of the woman from the wells creating water and a man learning to work with sense. If you would not do it, all would remain hidden other beauties in the world.

He reminds people of real objects of love. It’s your wife or the own man, the own fields with flowers. They reflect the personality of its own in his opinion.

Dark, dramatic ambience – massive wood furniture with leather upholstery

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi leather brown sofa recessed fireplace

Also the American designer Gustav had a similar idea about the things Stickley. He was a designer of the Craftsmanns movement. He had put the Americans a different kind of simple furniture century in the middle of the 19th.

According to his own words, he has applied only materials, which bring forth a dignified, simple and simple effect.

He and his family lived in a simple log cabin. He argued very convincing claims. Firstly, these cabins have a simple beauty whose opinion itself with simple and clear lines.

They also feature open charm of exposed elements. They are not hidden for this reason ornamentation and various structural layers.

As you can see it on the image here, the simple furniture has been a standard for the houses all over the world up to the present day

attractive interior design Wabi Sabi dining room high chair backrest

Objectively, the Victorian style and the arts and Crafts movement have survived side by side century into the 20th. These affect the psyche of Americans and also of the Western man in General at the same time.

Actually, one can say that even in the 21st century the two styles alike are represented in modern designs. They just took the best of the two and found the right level. This healthy mix was adopted also in the modern forms of wabi-sabi.

Facility in Wabi-Sabi style – imperfect, unfinished beauty

Wabi Sabi white kitchen institution objectively beautiful tabletop tilecombines rough wall decoration in the living room with traditional accents

Wabi Sabi attractive interior design armchair built-in fire mirror

Massive leather sofas – Wabi-Sabi facility

Wabi Sabi attractive interior design sofa leather rough wall design

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