Basement Living Room Remodeling

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basement living room remodeling room children table

Convert basement to the living room – an extra room, which applies for the creative activities of children and at the same time as a storage area for all other

The Interior Designer Justine Sterling has noted, at some point, that their home ownership – an old historical house from the colonial period, was conquered by the disorder of the cellar. It’s about the DIY project that passes slowly into the other floors of the building. It went so far that there was hardly any more space to eat and drink.

Continue to lack of usable space in the attic. You need space urgently for wrapping paper, sports equipment, seldom used platters and other temporary excess goods.

That’s why it has decided to create a bright, wide and beautiful place that serves the children as a creative workshop. It should match perfectly the benefits of families for additional space.

The cellar at a glance

Who lives here: A couple with two children, Rubí (6 years old) and Reid (3 years old)

Location: Melrose, Massachusetts (North of Boston)

Size: 36 square metres

Budget: around 20 000 euro

This door here is the main entrance to the House from the driveway here. First, the dark entrance hall was anything but pleasant

basement living room remodeling

After the conversion

Sterling has thought carefully, how she creates for their family community experiences. This was the main motivation in creating organization system here. The children use a dressing room and the adults – another.

Baskets for dry shoes are in the containers under the bed and each Member of the family has gloves, hats, mittens, and other similar accessories. Sterling tells it that way, as the children come and give their stuff, when most visitors brought admiration.

Basement floor after the conversion – input range

basement living room building after the reconstruction

Sterling has made cautious dimensions and then a system from the IKEA decided to line. The cushions have references made to measure. She is originally from Cape Town and according to their own statements, she added always the spirit of the home in the design solutions.

The mirror comes from Johannesburg. This piece is one of the first decorations, which acquired it. He traveled with her to all the places together, where she lived. Sterling says that she loves black and white, as well as neutral, but she was also sure that this area needed here is some more color.

Decorating ideas with favorite pieces

basement to the living room building after the reconstruction bank wardrobe mirror

She started with gold, but from the beginning she changed three times the shades. She has run the space first in shades of water, but then she used something from Home Depot.

Currently, the daughter shows their talent as an artist of collagen. It also paints and offers craft activities. Her mother says that their kitchen was filled with DIY projects. It was crazy due to the lack of space for cooking and eating.

Area for creative activities

basement to the living room building after the reconstruction game room children table

The focus in the new space was set to play and creativity. The kids love to play, to paint and to move the dolls. To wear stickers, on the work surfaces like. If they’re even finished, everything they have to do to close the baskets, and to leave everything in buckets, which hang on a hook on the wall.

Also provide the order in redesigned basement

basement to the living room building after reconstruction drawing room

The room was free of electrical equipment, there is no access to the Internet and TV.

The exhibits provide more color to the otherwise black white space. The modern pattern of Piemple are a result of a collaboration between West Elm and the South African Studio source. Sterling grabbed 6 piece of it at a clearance sale.

Here the letters stand for “Ruby and Reid”. Because the space is free of electronics, it has kept this wall for future insertion of TV. She thinks that the children around 12 years here will use this space for hanging out with their friends.

Here, the letters stand for “Ruby and Reid”

basement to the living room building after the reconstruction room Bookshelf children's books

The two Windows and the glass on the door provide a modest amount of natural light. The white walls help that this easily propagates in space. The light nuances make the rest of the job.

The ceiling was originally just 2.4 meters high and the architects have torn down their suspended part. It has uncovered the rafters here. So, the ceiling was higher and in addition you could afford, 12 black, cover to add mounted luminaires.

Extra storage and self storage

basement living room building after the reconstruction storage space storage

You came across the wires, which dated to a period of 100 years. New electrical cable were added and it has newly painted the entire ceiling.

The IKEA pendant lights were beefed up with new bulbs, cost more than 30 euros. They were more expensive than the lamp. The exposed stairs could have cost very expensive. Instead one has therefore opted for a bold accent wall.

They used graphic gift paper, to give more visual impact of this part of the construction. Sterling says that it depends on these patterns and their appearance particularly likes, but also their child-friendly character.

Accents by pattern

living room nursery basement to the living room building after the reconstruction

Structural pillars have set also the style and orientation of the walls, including the art wall, and the one which contains the inscription “R and R”. That was one of the trickiest layouts for sterling.

The cellar had many problems with the moisture, you had to deal with who in various ways. She lowered the case rolls. So, allowing to not the accumulation of moisture. That was particularly important in the vicinity of the retaining wall.

Still, the walls were half waterproof. Has done by a green sign. On the ground, it has set up a vinyl board. This keeps the space also very dry. One has adapted to the concrete floor before applying the tiles.

Defeat the moisture in the basement

basement to the living room building after the reconstruction Spielrau Bookshelf cushion

The pieces fit beautifully without that I had to add nitrogen it. At the edges, it has attached standard skirting boards.

Hacking in the niche behind a wall of art serve that you kept the backpacks there. A plank is shown in this picture, which leads to the washroom. There, it has attached pantry, refrigerator, and baskets for storage of goods.

Find practical solutions!

children's basement to the living room building after the reconstruction children backpacks

Sterling wanted to keep the clothes here. This is very convenient due to the kids, because they follow her and play while she does this work. The basket on the left side represent a long-term project. Each of the pieces carries the items for a different activity, such as swimming or skating.

Laundry room in the basement

basement to the living room revamp laundry kitchen

The work table provides for the extension of the area on all sides. The Reid’s birthday the room for the first time has made a debut in October.

In such a space whose faces provided the children love to motifs with Safari, don’t you find?

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