Bathroom Design – How To Properly Designed The Bathroom According To Feng Shui

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bathroom design Feng Shui style harmonious

Bathroom design – Feng Shui Setup ideas for the bathroom

Our observation after far too little attention is paid to the correct positioning of the furniture in the bathroom. As a result, not enough enjoy the result of this large investment. According to Feng Shui, it is so not something permissible. The appropriate positioning and the selection of decoration are of fundamental importance for the complete relaxation. According to this traditional East Asian teaching for the interior design, the bathroom is the most important room in the home. Would you like to know actually according to the Feng Shui rules more about how you positioned the furniture in the bathroom?

Bathroom design and adhere to the rules of Feng Shui

bathroom design round wall mirror flowers Feng Shui

Bathroom design – find plants according to Feng Shui in the bathroom space

bathroom ideas plants white furniture grey floor tiles

Positioned next to the window, gives you the great opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the bathtub

bathroom design Feng Shui rules window

Water as a symbol of prosperity

According to Feng Shui, the water is a symbol of prosperity. For this reason, the positioning of the bathroom furniture and its design of fundamental importance are. The bathroom is to symbolize the cleanliness and the process of cleaning. Here we need to get rid of all bad and to leave space for their own life energy. So the energy of the prosperity flows freely, the bathtub should enroll also in the interior design.

According to the Feng Shui rules set up the bathroom and enjoy a nice stay in the bathroom

bathroom Feng Shui plants grey floor tiles

Select appropriate plants and light for the bathroom

bathroom design Feng Shui style plants bathroom mirror

An interesting idea, where it makes the plant pot in the bathroom

bathroom bath stones round window storage

The door, which leads to the bathtub

The door is particularly important in the planning of the bathroom and the bath, which leads there. According to the Feng Shui, teaching should be the man in the bath in a position to see the incoming. In other words, the whole creation must be so distributed: the man who is in the bath, should not be with his back to the door.

Hide the toilet bowl

The bowl should be not the very first element, which you can see, when it comes to the bathroom. You would have to make effort to hide this. If that doesn’t work, the toilet may be obscured by an entanglement or a curtain.

Rethink how you hide the toilet, so the bathroom is more appealing

bathroom storage room Feng Shui mirror sconces tub plants

The form

Most bathrooms have a square shape. That’s not so bad according to Feng Shui. However, it would be much better if your bathroom had an oval shape. This produces the aura of wealth.

White color

According to Feng Shui, the bathtub in white should be coloured. These can be combined with pastel nuances. Avoid the Flash and dark shades. Only small details, can be performed in such tones, if at all.

Transform the bathroom into a harmonious place bright ambience and panoramic Windows

bathroom design window shower white bath

Uniformity in color

All main elements of the bathroom must be selected in an and the same color. These are the bath, the shower, the toilet, etc. Their style would be also the same according to Feng Shui. This ensures harmony and beauty.

Elegant colour contrast in the bathroom

bathroom design dark bathroom furniture white floor tiles bathroom mirror

The light atmosphere is slightly jazzed up by a red accent wall

Bathroom design small bathroom Feng Shui Setup

Window and some green

According to Feng Shui, there should be window and something green in the bathroom. Both provide freshness and comfort. They also improve air circulation and purify the air. These processes are a huge priority according to Feng Shui.

Minimalist bathroom design

modern bath bathroom window panorama

Cosy bathroom

bathroom Feng Shui bathtub window fireplace shelves storage space

Some green in the bathroom makes miracles

bathroom design plants Feng Shui candles

Refresh the bathroom by plants

bathroom design plants white bathroom dark mosaic tiles

Cabinets and other storage area

You need as many cabinets in the bathroom and enough storage space. Make sure that all things there are housed. So you achieve a seamless look. Everything in the bathroom must be functional and reduced. The furniture is simple and convenient. It cannot be only that show what contributes to the harmony in the bathroom.

Cabinets and open shelves help to organize the bathroom

bathroom bath mirror flower storage room Feng Shui

Dress up the bathroom walls with wallpaper

bathroom Feng Shui storage white bathroom furniture wall wallpaper


Forget not the lighting. It must be functional in the bathroom long Feng Shui and gentle. Decide the best for the round shapes with Matt glass. The mirror must be lit from both sides. On the whole, the lighting must be simple and practically distributed.

Beautiful to illuminate the bathroom

bathroom plants light wall mirror Feng Shui candles

Nice texture of wood and recessed lighting

bathroom design bathtub shower lighting window

Modern bathroom with LED lighting

bathroom design ideas Feng Shui Led lighting

The mirror itself

With regard to the mirror itself, so you must use its space very carefully. He is able to restore the harmony and balance of the people.

bathroom design round bathroom mirror sink pendants

bathroom bath bathroom cabinets floor tiles decoration

bathroom bath corner furniture pendant lights open shelves

bathroom bath window bathroom mirror dark floor tiles

bathroom bath tile shower Feng Shui

bathroom shower window flowers white Badfliesden

bathroom Feng Shui walls sink storage stairs

Feng Shui bathroom cabinets wood floor window

bathroom ideas Feng Shui dark floor tiles candles bath shower

bathroom ideas white bathroom furniture plants bright bathroom tiles

modern bath bathroom shower plant window

oval bathtub bathroom grey accent wall flowers white floor tiles

round bathtub bathroom window floor tiles storage

bathroom storage bathroom furniture mirror grey carpet

bathroom vanity Cabinet grey tiles floor tiles

bathroom vanity Cabinet open shelves wall mirror

bathroom white bathroom tiles plant shower tub

Bdeinrichtung bathroom furniture sloped small floor tiles

bathroom design bathtub window white bath tiles

bathroom design bathtub bathroom tiles shower window

bathroom design bathroom mirror of yellow carpet runner pendant lights bath curtain bath

bathroom design Feng Shui bathroom tiles modern bathtub

bathroom design Feng Shui window carpet runners bath candles green blanket

bathroom design Feng Shui white bathroom furniture bathroom mirror

bathroom designing free-standing bath flowers

bathroom design ideas window plants bathroom tiles

bathroom design purple cabinets plants bathroom mirror white walls

bathroom design oval bath mirror plant modern sink

bathroom design cabinets bathroom tile window

bathroom design brick wall bathtub Feng Shui

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