Bathroom Design – The Charm Of The Mediterranean Style

bathroom design bathroom tile shiny gold faucets

So the Mediterranean bathroom design works

Before we go to say so to the point, let us but understand what constitutes as such at all the Mediterranean style. He goes back to the Mediterranean Sea, which separates Africa, Asia and Europe. Italy, Turkey, Greece and Egypt among others are located along its coasts. You are all warm and fascinating by its rich cultural heritage. At the same time, they have a particular distinctive character.

It has a warm, charming, exuberant cultural Mischung.Diese is surrounded by the idea of Sun, sea and the wonderful warm nature.

Due to the colors such as blue, green, Brown, cream are means more design and so heavily used. White and soft nuances of Orange also.

Decoration in the Mediterranean-inspired bathroom design

bathroom design bathroom tile faucets Swan

Often bringing vibrant flowers and other plants in vases in the bathroom design means more style to showcase. Ceramic or marble are preferable to textures of tiles. Mosaics and stucco work are also not uncommon within such bathroom design.

In this context, it should consider faucets made of bronze or iron into consideration. The more you hand and custom-made elements there have, the better.

The bathtub as a main element in the bathroom design

The bath plays a particularly important role in the Mediterranean bathroom design. Their use has a long history and tradition in these regions. It is therefore their usage on the market here of fundamental importance. You need to so comfortable feel in this, that you could spend many hours there. Because the main sense of the Mediterranean bathroom design is just that – you have to learn to relax and unwind from the day.

Freestanding bathtub in a bathroom design with Mediterranean elements

bathroom tiles bathroom design bathtub

Architectural and sculptural elements that fit well for a Mediterranean bathroom design

In many cases, are found in Mediterranean bathroom designs great sculptural and ancient architectural elements which successfully transferred into the Interior of the atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Rough rural bathroom design

bathroom design bathroom tile bathroom design ideas

Rough walls and remnants of stone Panel near the door are reminiscent of the great atmosphere in a Mediterranean bathroom. The design is unique in its authentic appearance.

Sculptural-looking sink in the bathroom

bathroom design bathroom tile Mediterranean

The sculptural Mediterranean effect was achieved here in this case by the sink that has something of an elegant antique statue.

The architecture in the form of the image in a bathroom design

bathroom design bathroom tile wall decoration

Here we see a mural depicting a Mediterranean landscape in the bathroom. On the one hand, this representation is naive, but also somehow convincing… Probably because we know that around Italy surely still have such antique-looking, Mediterranean bathroom often occur in designs.

How is it with you?

Would in Mediterranean style time and inclination to a bathroom?

bathroom design bathtub bathroom design ideas ethno motifs

Mosaics are one of the most important elements when designing a Mediterranean bath

bathroom design bathtub mosaic

A beautiful wall decoration with 3D effect

bathroom design bathroom tile 3d wall painting

Copper faucet and snake-like lamp decorations

bathroom design bathroom tiles Aloe Vera

Purist and rustic

bathroom design bathroom tiles antique urns arcades

Colorful tiles – at the same time modern and Mediterranean

bathroom design bathroom tiles stained modern

That certain something to bring the curved elements from wrought iron to the bathtub

bathroom design bathroom tile shower wrought iron

Ochre is one of matching shades in a bathroom design in Mediterranean style

bathroom design bathroom tiles free-standing tub

Natural colours and oak

bathroom design bathroom tiles yellow vase

Understated in pale yellow

bathroom design bathroom tiles copper tub

Copper and patterned wall-papers

bathroom design bathroom tiles copper sink

Walnut wood and bright chandeliers

bathroom design bathroom tile fittings black

An elegant color duo – turquoise and Terra cotta

bathroom design bathroom tiles mosaic

Luxury and generosity

bathroom design bathroom tiles mosaic chandelier

Simple and unpretentious

bathroom design bathroom tiles natural

Especially plants like Aloe Vera make for a distinctive touch of Mediterranean flair

bathroom design bathroom tiles natural stone

Yellow and cobalt blue and white mosaic

bathroom design bathroom tile ornaments

Symmetry with southern charm

bathroom design bathroom tile pendant lamp

Open beam ceilings play a crucial role in this style

bathroom design bathroom tile Persian carpet ceiling beams

You can decorate your bat with Mediterranean plants and candles

bathroom design bathroom tile plants candle holders

A Mediterranean bathroom design excludes Jacuzzi never

bathroom design bathroom tiles round bathtub

Pillars are also quite popular in this type of design

bathroom design bathroom tile column

The Terra cotta color is connected above all with a Mediterranean style

bathroom design bathroom tiles shaped sink

Ever more colourful, the more honest

bathroom design bathroom tile wall decoration cobalt blue

A modern bathroom design

bathroom design bathroom tile white columns

Beautiful wall painting and gold accents – fabulous!

bathroom design bathroom design ideas Golden pillow

Earth tones and floor tiles in the checkmate pattern

bathroom design bathroom design ideas copper tub

Opulent and magnificent marble

bathroom design bathroom design ideas marble

Modest and comfortable with natural stones

bathroom design bathroom design ideas stone

Cream white plaster and light beams

bathroom design bathroom design ideas open beams

Romance with a Mediterranean flair

bathroom design bathroom design ideas oval bathtub

Persian carpets are also highly recommended

bathroom design bathroom design ideas Persian rug

For real purists, who also Mediterranean like it

bathroom design bathroom design ideas purist

Copper fittings and marble in combination with dark wood

bathroom design Badgestaltun ideas copper fittings

Southern lightness and tranquility

bathroom design Badgestaltun ideas white walls

Mediterranean might also Shabby Chic

bathroom design Shabby Chic wood paneling

Here the oriental elements set the tone

bathroom design marble bathroom design ideas

Shells and Greek key motif

bathroom design mosaic turquoise bathroom design ideas

Symmetry and round chandelier

bathroom design carpet of round chandelier

A wonderful perspective

bathroom design wall decoration bathroom tiles

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