Bathroom From Asia

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Bathroom off Asia bath lighting incorporated

Set up the bathroom with style

In most cases, one different designed his bathroom in a different style from the room – due to its peculiar purpose and the accessories that you used. Also, you can make the bath really original and chic and complete the whole look. Some bathrooms are decorated in keeping with the whole style of living, while others impress us with character and personality. Why do we discuss this topic? Our current collection shows an Asian style bathroom, dieeigentlich one Asian lifestyle include, but just contrast with the whole interior design.

What does an Asian interior design? Wood, bamboo, sculptures, plants and some touch of nature can be seen here. If you believe, a bathroom can get any Asian style thanks to these accessories, you are mistaken! Take a look at our thematic suggestions below!

Dark dramatic accentsBathroom Asia

bathroom Asian Wall design bath sink

Flooring and tiles are perfectly combined! A sink made of natural materials adds warmth to the room and ensures a natural effect.

Simple and attractive

bathroom off Asia wall decoration sink wood

Decor made of bamboo and wood bring the Asian look.

Total eingetopftes room

bathroom off Asia wall decoration plants ceiling

Plants are everywhere, even on the ceiling! A bathroom inspired by nature with skulpturhafter wall decoration is particularly attractive with all these plants.

Stone wall decoration

bathroom Asia natural stone fireplace bath

Lights of the stone walls give a dramatic look this Asian bathroom

Bathroom is equipped with a sauna

Asia mirror bathroom wall tile

Here in this bathroom, all made of wood is even the bathtub!

Round wall mirror over the sink

bathroom from Asia mirror light wood

Is the bamboo on the floor around the tub around probably real or imitated?

Amazing and practically at the same time

Bathroom off Asia bath lighting incorporated

It is even not necessary to discuss this because all accessories are in the Asian style.

Wood panels anywhere

bathroom off Asia bath wood panels shower curtain

Freshness and relaxation

bathroom off Asia bath lamp indirect marble

Bold colors – suspended ceiling

bathroom off Asia tub Abgehägt ceiling

Wood details on the walls

bathroom off Asian Wall design wooden ladder

Flower pots

bathroom Asia bath WC plants pots

Large and elegant

bathroom off Asia bath tree bonsai wipes

Mosaic design

bathroom Asia bath frosted glass window

Large and airy

bathroom Asia shelves fan

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