Beautiful Interior Design Ideas – Metallic Ceiling For Your Home

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metallic ceiling modern interior solution

Beautiful interior design ideas – metallic ceiling spice the atmosphere on

Long time ago has the Interior Designer Albert Hadley said that the ceiling represent one of the neglected elements in homes and apartments. If he could watch the development of Interior design today, he would probably change his mind. Because they are becoming less and less neglected and always rare in white. Colored ceilings are found in many homes. They are not particularly original solution itself.

But the idea of today goes further. Because the ceiling in metallic colour is still definitely in. Another question is whether it is innovative… Because this trend actually goes back to the times of the great Royal palaces.

Metallic ceiling with ornaments

metallic ceiling In the living room

Michael S. Smith is the designer of space below to see you get. They brought in here metallic also metal sheets area on the. It has gone even further.

It has provided the bookshelves with Golden wallpaper

beautiful interior design ideas metallic ceiling dining room

Lately, many designers rely on gold for their designs. Thomas Britt pointed out all the ceilings in an apartment, even those in the kitchen in this shade.

He’s done that a boutique apartment in San Francisco

living room design with metallic ceiling

These areas also have a very practical aspect. They reflect the sunlight and thus fill the whole room with gloss. Still, the Golden ceiling create a great contrast to almost all types of stained ceiling. The gloss and the way in which sunlight metallic absorbed ceiling by this, has welcome effects. Not only can you this brighten the room, but also appear much higher than usual.

In the two examples from today it has placed metallic ceiling in fairly traditional premises. But it’s not always the case. Understated metallic variants could ensure that you reach welcome, great effects in very modern, minimalist or industrially designed apartments.

Where would you put ceiling at home on metallic? See the following pictures and collect beautiful interior design ideas for your home!

Nice ambience with metallic ceiling, green and gold fit great with each other, isn’t it?

beautiful interior design ideas ceiling figures

Metallic ceiling and metallic walls

elegant dining room set up blanket

Living room with an unusual blanket

beautiful interior design ideas metallic ceiling

A stately blanket

luxurious living room metallic ceiling

Are many variations available to transform the boring ceiling into a more vibrant!

beautiful interior design ideas metallic ceiling kitchen

A more traditional-looking dining room with metallic ceiling

Schlichres dining room with metallic cover

A matching chandelier

beautiful interior design ideas the blanket

End up with the boring ceiling!

metallic ceiling modern kitchen design

Dark elements in the Interior in combination with metallic ceiling

attractive ceiling In the room metallic

The light illuminates the ceiling

metallic ceiling in the kitchen

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