Beautiful Interior With Laminate – 100 Years Formica

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beautiful interior with laminate in bright shades

Beautiful interior with laminate

Some brands are a keyword which refers to all articles of this type over time. If that happens, this brand has achieved a perfect success. Do you want an example? Google is synonymous with search engine on the Internet.

Formica, however, has achieved the same in the area of the beautiful laminate.

It’s a material that was invented in 1913. Its authors are Daniel O’conor and Herbert Faber. Its purpose was to create a very light insulation material.

Since then, this material has been changed several times and adapted to the new needs of the people.

At some point you started universally use this bright and beautiful material. It found use in kitchens, dining rooms, and commercial transactions. Later it was used much more often than laminate, as insulation material.

The designboom of 50s in the United States

Formica is specialized in the production of plastic-impregnated wood. This was used for propeller and bomb parts during the first world war. Only after this historic event often came in use for domestic purposes.

Elegant marble look

beautiful interior with laminate spacious kitchen island

A great contrast

beautiful interior with laminate Mormor look

A strong development in the real estate sector was at the time observed on the American market. The glittering surfaces of the formica have proved to be perfect for the architecture of the 50s of the last century.

Turquoise bring a hint of the sea

beautiful interior with laminate bar chairs in turquoise

Minimalist freedom

beautiful interior with laminate minimalist

Modest and comfortable

beautiful interior with laminate retro chairs in black

Eclectic with red and yellow accents

beautiful interior with laminate Mattglänzender fridge

It offered users a modern appearance, many colors and sustainability. Not only the ordinary offices and households, but also luxury liners such as the Queen Mary have brought this material in use.

Innovation in the direction of modern minimalism

Like all other areas has one also in the production of laminate in the found the 70s and 90s the way back to plywood and wood. At this time, the company has changed ownership very often. This was due to different legal and financial circumstances. But despite the change in different directions, the interest for financial and legal reasons has risen.

A sense of lightness and size

beautiful interior with laminate minimalist gloss white and turquoise

Fine art meets minimalism

beautiful interior with laminate pendant lamps In the factory style

The striped grain gives additional order

beautiful interior with laminate with a striped grain

Style and efficiency in one

beautiful interior with laminate double sink

Laminate with a coarse grain fits perfectly with the metal and glass

beautiful décor with original Glass laminate pendants

Panoramic window and an original fireplace

beautiful interior with laminate in caramel and white

Today, you bring new dimensions in the design different fabrics. Continue to the semi minimalism is always dominant and popular. Thus, the laminates again gaining importance. It experienced his big comeback!

Onslaught to the East

After their success on the American and European markets, the company now trying to cover formica on the Asian market. Whose shops were already made in China and Malaysia, and from there they want to expand further. The laminate floors with different surfaces change the entire look of the interior design and provide a natural approach and depth of design.

Optical heat and lots of light

beautiful interior with laminated rectangular elegant

Rustic flair with dark marble and brick wall

beautiful décor with dark wood laminate and marble look

Modest elegance

beautiful interior with laminate elegant kitchen island panorama window

Simply gorgeous

beautiful interior with laminate steel sink shiny

The color, the memories and nostalgia illuminate surfaces and make them favorites of many people. Certainly, you have also a memory from your childhood in a room covered with laminate.

We wish the company formica another century of success!

beautiful interior with laminate Schwellenloser transitionbeautiful interior with laminate wood flooring white retro furniture

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