Bedroom Design In Line With The Latest Trends

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Bedroom decoration – a few ideas how to trendy set the sleeping area, without to get rid of the comfort

Stands before you now to redesign your bedroom and set up? Or would simply update the design in this room? We now offer an overview of the key elements for such a project. While we do not always explicitly call the latest trends. Many of these have been recorded just before again from the years. But we keep ideas in terms of the current designers and let them visualize our pictures.

Bedroom design with dark dramatic accents

bedroom set up dark wall design carpet patterns chandelier

Bedroom design in pastel shades revives the sleeping area

bedroom set pastel nuances carpet rocking chair

Floral pattern wallpaper brings a fresh touch in the bedroom

bedroom design wall decoration wallpaper pattern flowers white wooden floor

In this way we want to run then, to achieve a current bedroom design and at the same time to have one, which will serve you for many years.

Wallpaper and cushion in stylish designs make the bedroom appear noble

dekokissen bedroom design wall decoration-neutral wallpaper

How do you feel in your bedroom?

In the bedroom design should go from the feeling, what you want to feel during your stay in the bedroom. Most people want to be there relaxed. Still, you want a certain comfort. The latter is connected also with the feeling that you’ll be surrounded by new and fresh items and materials.

Combine wallpaper patterns with fabric samples

bedroom design color accent wall floral Pink Wall color white furniture

Select of a color

Let’s start with the first item of bedroom design: the color. Usually to get pick of designer pastel nuances. These are combined with gold, beige, red, Orange, and greenery.

Set up the bedroom in pastel colors

bedroom set pastel orange linen geometric floor walls bright

Pink and gray combine in pastel shades

bedroom set cushion bedding pastel shades white walls

Golden accents in the bedroom design

bedroom set pastel Golden elements light grey walls

Tip: If you want to enlarge the room urgently, choose white color. The ceiling increase use a contrast between the darker styled walls and white ceiling.

White bedroom with colorful accents appears fresh and alive

set bedroom white bedroom color dekoakzente

Black color

The black bedroom design is a popular, modern choice. Especially in man apartments it is well used. In a few cases, this works well if you use no white shading to compensate. You can do this through some of the details. Exception are only sleeping room and the floor to ceiling Windows, which offer a great panorama. Much light penetrates in such cases and the colors and forms of outdoor play. Even in this case, we would recommend you to use some additional colors. At best it should correspond with the environment. Black and white bedroom design is a universal and very popular, modern choice.

Black walls make the bedroom appear male

bedroom set black white ceiling pattern walls chandelier

Black elements in the White interior design

bedroom set black accent white ceiling wall bedroom Bank

Dark walls and white ceiling are an elegant combination

bedroom set up dark soil walls wood look functional leather bed curtains

Give a dramatic look with black bedroom

bedroom set black accent rug of wanddeko panoramic window wall


Wallpaper are often used in the bedroom design . They are very popular, if variety in terms of fabrics and colors you can reach so. We would recommend however, seeking above all a unified effect. In contrast to other rooms, the feeling is more important that you are in good hands and secure here. Exceptions make the nursery. There you could use more items. Together with your children, make the choice.

Simple, but fresh wallpaper patterns don’t mind rest in the bedroom

bedroom design wallpaper pattern owls neutral colors

Often one votes floral pattern flower pattern

bedroom design wall design ideas floral pattern lovely bedding

Geometric wallpaper in pastel shades by green plants spice up

bedroom design wall wallpaper geometric design rug runner plants dekoideen

Colored flowers bring joy of life in the bedroom

bedroom design wall decoration wallpaper floral pattern neutral curtains

Blinds and curtains

At the blinds and curtains, we have sustainable trends in recent years. In contrast to the living room, where the single-layer appearance is modern, you can see the combinations from blinds and curtains or blinds and curtains in the bedroom for practical reasons. As a result, you have more leeway, if you determine the level of your privacy or openness.

Secure the privacy in the bedroom curtains and Roman shade

bedroom curtain designs Raffen Rollo beautiful wall decoration-luxury bedding

Stripe pattern and rustic Roman blinds make the bedroom a cozy place

bedroom design curtains stripe pattern yellow white blinds

Combine Venetian blinds with curtains

bedroom design blinds Curtains simple carpet animal

Find more about the furniture, the other design elements and the current versions of some popular styles in the next part of the article.

Choose decorative elements and furnishings in pastel shades for the bedroom

bedroom set pastel bright wooden floor walls

Make the bedroom look chic, by selecting matching colors and patterns

bedroom set black white ceiling walls bedroom bench stool

Bedroom in black and white looks simple, but still impressive

bedroom set black white ground wall bed linen

Neutral to make the bedroom

bedroom set white ceiling an elegant carpeted walls dark

OffBeat accents in the bedroom photo wallpaper

bedroom design accent photo wallpaper pink accents wall

Strange. but accurate combination of pastel colors and rustic elements

farbgestaltgung bedroom design white walls curtain pastel nuances rocking chair

Freshen up the bedroom with pastel green

bedding bedroom design-green pastel shades dekokissen

The beautiful combination of neutral colors makes a cozy bedroom design

pastel nuances of bedroom design bedroom Bank dekokissen flowers

Create comfort by fitting the pattern

bedroom design pastel nuances carpeted green curtains

Flower pattern make your bedroom slightly rustic look

walls bedrooms design design ideas floral design white bed linen

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