Better Sleep – Choose The Right Mattress!

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better sleep with the right mattress

Select the right mattress and sleep well

Mattresses and pillows have a certain validity period. But this isn’t about what is important. You have to be careful when choosing the material. Because this greatly affects the quality of sleep.

Better sleep – soft mattresses for a better and deeper sleep

Matrazten for the whole family

You can feel not good during the day and be ineffective in his work, if you not good enough slept.

Because the duration of sleep alone is not enough!

Here are the advantages of good sleep at a glance:

-Promotes the production of insulin and hormones

-Activated the memory

-Reduces stress

-Improves mood

Bad effects resulting from an inappropriate mattress:

-Problems with the spine

-Bad mood



Comfortable cushions and mattresses

Pillows and mattresses to the better sleep

How to search out the right model

According to Bruno Costa there is a suitable model for every person. Weight and size are at the time of the selection of fundamental importance. The model should carry out your weight, without having itself thereby deformed. For the professionals, the perfect mattress is the so-called half-orthopedic. This means that it is fixed and flexible at the same time.

The correct body position during sleep

better with the right mattress sleep

To soft models are quite sure not apt.

You should determine what validity have the cushion. If this is exceeded, then they are certainly no longer good for your health.

The five common types of mattresses

1. elastic viscotoxins foam

This type of mattress was developed by NASA. They consist of small spherical cells. They change the movement of the body according to. To activate the blood circulation in the body as a result. You do not deform themselves.

Mattresses and pillows from elastic viscotoxins foamfoam mattresses and pillows

2. natural rubber

This type of mattress provides good ventilation. You absorb the heat of the body and kept a fresh and pleasant temperature. Also, their structure changes according to the shape of the body.

For a comfortable temperature during the sleep

mattress from Natürlchem rubber

3. Molas Bonnel

They consist of stainless steel spring and are intended for people with an overweight (up to 150 kilos). You show a very large endurance

Mattress with stainless steel springs

Mola Bonnel better sleep mattresses

4. molas pocket

Here, the spring without welds have been brought together. If two people sleep, it is quite suitable. The movement of the one affected not the rest of the partners.

“Good – night mattresses”

molas Pocket better sleep mattress

5. polyurethane foam

This is the basic variant. Here but, you must determine the density that fits a type.

So you are looking for the right mattress for you and your family.

Have a healthy night’s sleep

comfortable sleep with the right mattress

Comfortable mattress for your baby

better asleep baby mattress

good sleeping mattresses and pillows undisturbed sleep

Giant mattress for your healthy sleep

ideas to sleep well mattress

mattresses to the better sleep on this mattress you can recover well

sleep mattresses to Baghel sleep can only mattresses without bed frames are also comfortable

You sleep on this bed definitely good

different mattress to sleep

Different types of mattresses

different sleeping mattresses

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