Bookshelves, The Attractive Make Reading

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bookshelves snail tree

Modern bookcases invite you to read

If you read no books, and are not interested in at all, not to prematurely close this page! Think about it! What impression leaves a room, which is equipped with books? Right. It looks like, someone who is well read live there. This means that you get a good image. And although the E-book is announced for a long time, still among us who love across all the leaves in books find themselves. Nowadays, there are still books are pressed, need a suitable place.

The return of the books is presented in eco-style and celebrates

bookshelves worm

There is nothing more beautiful than a reading Chair with an integrated book shelf

bookshelves snail Chair

Much skill is needed for the next Bookshelf

bookshelves worm wrong

Are the classical bookshelves not bad, but how about something new, refreshing and original? Something dignified that accommodates our literary treasures.   Maybe you come back to devour a nice book.

In today’s post we want to show a collection of bookshelves you, we have selected specially for you.

A book motorbike lying down, sitting or even to go while reading

bookshelves circle

A class Überlegung-illuminated Bookshelf, clever hidden behind the wall

bookshelves worm bookcase

Klassisch-a big heap of knowledge, reading lamp and a table to

bookshelves worm diagonal

No matter how beautiful is a reading room, you can really relax without comfortable seating. Welcome this thoughtful beauty”bookcase bench seat by the Latvian designer Stanislav Katz.

Stylish and minimalist diagonal which gives a good overview

bookshelves screw handle

The angular industrial bookcase is an exciting topic of conversation. It integrates the iron pipe in the modern city look. The Awards every room a historic feel and distinctive character.

The industrial style keeps constant its coolness-status in the interior design at

bookshelves worm industrial

If only were this light, whenever we had a question in our minds… Well, it does so only if you have this question mark in your room!

The cheeky question mark offers except individual compartments, a built-in energy saving lamp light and elegant plastic

bookshelves worm Combi light

The Dutch Atelier 010 has designed a masterpiece of product design. This can be a hit for all bookworms.  “The Bookshelf is named” Bookworm “and has a seat integrated in itself. The job was designing an organic book shelf. And here – the result!

The Dutch bookworm for bookworms in the organic design style of the 70s is soon available for purchase

bookshelves worm seventies

This invisible bookshelves each have a capacity of 7 kg. It be fastened quickly and directly on the wall and if you cover that with books, you no longer see the shelf. “The secret Bookshelf” has won many Designer awards and was as innovative, imaginative and impressive known.

The invisible Bookshelf is still a design classic that is absolutely impressive and very functional

bookshelves invisible

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