Buying Furniture And Interior Design: Quality, Intelligent Lighting Design And Consumer Information

Posted on Jan 13, 2016

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Practical tips and tricks for the best interior design

The furniture purchase: helpful hints

Your home is for many people not only sleeping place, but also well-being. According to a survey, this represents 90 percent of 1336 interviewed for “Security”. Furniture and lighting design can enhance this feeling, or even only produce.

But what distinguishes the “feel good”furniture as extremely durable and comfortable – what features are there? And how can your own four walls be dived easily and conveniently in relaxing light?

Provide overview and check sales contract

Before new furniture be purchased, should be clarified some formalities and quality checks.

Price comparison of different furniture stores

For the price and the quality of the furniture to be satisfactory, a price comparison is recommended.

A search is to filter out the right offer. Thereby, different furniture stores of different price classes should be compared. Many furniture stores have the same supplier and have some identical pieces. An offer appears too high, a cheaper deal may be mentioned in the sales pitch directly from the competition. Discounts are so may have to negotiate.

And when a large order is placed, for example for a complete bedroom – closet, bed and nightstand – usually a discount is in there. The questions: “Is to make something in the final price?” or “how much could descend yet?”, should be mentioned only at the end of the entire account list. Because a high total, the dealer can likely to talk, as when a contrast, low price for a single piece of furniture.

interior design furniture buy furniture discount price comparison contractWhen purchasing Internet: check integrity

In addition to the furniture store comparison, it is worth to browse the Internet. Because some online dealers offer furniture often cheaper.

In the selection of shops is sure that it is a “trusted store”. A seal of approval, conferred various shops according to individual criteria. Among others the privacy or the returns control fall under the criteria.

Also, there is the possibility to conclude a buyer guarantee. This ensures, for example, in the case of non-delivery, refund of the purchase amount. The “classic” version of the guarantee can be activated right after the purchase, a hedge is possible up to a height of 2,500 euros. What shops with the seal of quality are excellent, is to find out by using this search .

interior design furniture purchase online price comparison, contract discount

Purchase contract and deposit

After putting the purchase contract, the terms and conditions should be observed in addition to the prices and discounts granted. The furniture retailer guarantees only a right of return over a period of 14 days. If it does, that the buyer wants to terminate the contract after the cancellation period, the dealer has the right to demand a cancellation fee. This is usually at least ten percent of the purchase price. All oral agreements are in writing to fix in any case.

A down payment is a prerequisite for the Treaty, by law not to do so, the buyer is obliged to make these. By a deposit is rather clear and if, should make up no more than 10 percent of the purchase price. Because in case of insolvency of the buyer often not reimbursed the deposit.

Identifying a piece of quality furniture

Beautiful and rugged Optics is not necessarily an indication of a quality piece of furniture. Who places value, can focus on a single label.

Seal “M”

For example the “bio seal”, which makes recognisable for consumers the quality and the sustainable production of same emblazoned on some foods. As more and more consumers attach importance to high-quality products. The furniture industry has followed this trend. The Deutsche G├╝tegemeinschaft furniture E.V. (DGM) has launched the “Golden M” on the market. Pieces of furniture that have this seal, have been – tested thoroughly with regard to their functionality, their processing and in terms of their are. Doors and drawers are for example about 80.000mal opened and closed, or a weight several times dropped on a sofa. The emissions test is performed in a special climate Chamber.

interior design furniture buying solid wood chest of drawers vintage style Rococo wood furniture wooden chair

The emission label of the DGM gives information to the pollutant emissions of a piece of furniture consumers like sofa, Cabinet, table or mattress. While the furniture are tested and classified into various emission classes (classes A-D). Where the class means A, the least pollution. Harmful substances can be pesticides in upholstery trimmings or flame retardant in fabrics.

Characteristics of real wood and faux

As synthetic shoes in leather look, there are also some wood imitation on the furniture market, which often are no longer to distinguish for the layman by the real wood version.

Characteristics of different furniture materials

There are some differences between the individual materials used for the production. These consumers should take care to make sure that’s is not a fake, being sold as real wood.

interior design furniture buying solid wood dining table Cup Chair modern design

Solid wood and veneer

Furniture made of solid wood are, often on irregularities by the fact that they consist of a natural material. And so two tables which appear identical at first glance, can differentiate themselves from each other resin residue, as well as differences in colour or grain closer, through cracks. These irregularities are distinctive characteristics of real wood or solid wood furniture.

The descriptions of “Wood” or “Solid wood” are available on the labels of the furniture, which correspond to the DIN 68871. This standard for furniture labels means that all parts, up on the back wall and the drawer bottoms, from a species there are and are not veneered. Because when a piece of furniture that is veneered, the surface is made of wood. It is glued on chipboard, for example.

Wood imitation

Whether it is at the surface are real wood, or only an imitation, is usually not to identify for the consumer. Real wood veneers are frequently photographed and printed on wood particle board. Referred to are these imitations with “Oak decor” or “Maple laminate”, among others. To exclude that it is an imitation of a real wood surface, which has Initiative Furnier + nature in 2003 to mark a solid wood surface the description “veneer – real wood” introduced.

interior design furniture buying veneers wood WoodsLet there be light!: furniture and room in a scene set

To move the quality furniture in the right light and make the room atmosphere cozy, the lighting design can be adapted the premises and the use of individual space.

Electric light and light sources

Before the electric light was invented, mainly the Sun was regarded as a light source. Later, the Neanderthal man discovered the fire as a light source, which also gave them heat. This type of light generated by fire, can be found in some living rooms are still in the form of candles or a fireplace. However, electric light sources dominate in the living areas.

Development of the light bulb

The electrically generated light in the invention of the light bulb found its beginnings. This happened in the year 1879 Thomas Alva Edison. This was technically the first approaches from artificial light.

interior design furniture purchase lighting bulb vintage design modern hanging lamps

Modern lamps and their differences

Today, the light bulb from the market has been taken and replaced by some more modern and energy-efficient lamps.

Halogen lamps

The halogen lamp works similar to the bulb once. The formation of light happens by heating a tungsten filament. This is little energy efficient in contrast to the energy – and LED lamp.

Energy-saving bulbs

The energy saving lamp containing a tungsten filament, but fluorescent tubes, which are filled with gas and produce light. Due to their toxic mercury content, the lamps are to be disposed of properly. For example, through a recycling center.

LED lamp

When the LED lamps, small light-emitting diodes for the reproduction of light are responsible. These lamps contain mercury. But these are not yet household waste to throw because they are recyclable.

interior design lighting modern led living room dining room Effect, planning and control of lighting concepts

The planning and the use of various light sources can be performed in different ways. Light has such influence on the human Biorhythm. As light sources affect human well-being and can be used to promote this.

Light and Biorhythm

The light has a decisive influence on the Biorhythm of the people we know. It is bright and the sun shines, the body pours out serotonin (hormone of happiness), the body is active. The activating and relaxing effects of light can be generated by using different lighting systems in the home.

Room or mood lighting: lighting design in the living room

Artificial light sources can be used as a room or mood light. The light is so to speak the basic illumination. On the ceiling or the floor lights that brighten the room towards all sides are attached. So the eye perceives a uniform lighting and thus less tired.

In contrast to the light, makes the mood lighting in the living areas of less for a light flooding, as rather for a relaxing mood. Especially in the evening hours, when the body is slowly come to rest, mood lights are a good alternative to the ambient light. The lights should be chosen but not too bright and can be placed on a dresser, the floor or window sill.

interior design furniture purchase arc lamp steel Silver gloss leather sofa white shaggy rug

Intelligent control of light sources

For the room – and mood lighting to be co-ordinated, or regulated depending on the time of day and feeling, the light source should be dimmable. By regulation, not only a uniform lighting is ensured, but also light accents, which can increase the feel-good factor.

It is also possible to set the lighting conditions in different situations: while watching TV or reading a dimmed lighting is most pleasant and while working a uniform room lighting. Flexible control can be done by using timers, motion detectors or Dimmschaltern. Here helpful information relevant to the operation of control elements as well as their best space planning and energy efficiency can be found.

The sofa: Relax in the living room

Not only a variable lighting that adjusts to the room and her own needs, provides a feeling of relaxation. A comfortable sofa can provide additional recovery after a stressful day.

Sofa variants and quality test

Of small or to the version with function of sleep – sofa market XXL is diverse. Therefore, it is important to adjust the sofa not only her own needs and the space, but to check the quality.

XXL, modular or with sleep function?

The so-called XXL or big sofas are suitable especially for people who like to “get wide on the couch”. Because this a this posture is taken automatically, because the seat is relatively low. For people who like to just in front of the living room table, sit and work, this sofa variant will be rather inappropriate. Advance the room dimensions are for a XXL sofa to take and per sofa page at least a meter is to be added, so that more easily to the piece of furniture past can been.

interior design furniture buying couch sofa cushion Pro out

Who wants to sit not only on the sofa but also comfortably sleep on this, choose a sofa. Before you buy, it should be tested whether the pull-out function is easy to use. Also a function is for “Ground sleeper” rather, which allows forward or down to pull out a sleeping surface. Sofas, where, the back or the armrests can be folded out, might be better suited for people who prefer increased or sleep on the side.

If only little space, or the space has some corners, are modular sofas, which are made up of individual “seating cubes’ advantage. There are the individual parts with or without armrests, as well as in various sizes and shapes. As a result, they can be integrated into any room. A cube can also be used as storage for the legs or as a coffee table.

Test the quality of the sofa

Before the election on a sofa, sample should be located and sat. As can be determined, which – spring or foam – material and the seat height is most comfortable, or whether the arm – and backrest are adjustable. There are also different padding: the casual and the tight upholstery.

In respect, care should be taken to also this not discolor in the Sun. If a fabric is chosen, is to ensure its resistance to abrasion and dirt-resistant surface.

interior design furniture buying couch man sofa relaxing laptopfree from pollution and enhance the quality of life

To maintain the quality and appearance, the outer material of the sofa should be regularly cleaned and maintained. In some cases, a care guide is already described on the label. Leather and textile covers are each specially to clean.

Leather and textile

Sofas made of leather are especially robust and durable due to the material. This is reflected also in the cleaning. Dirt is best only for vacuuming upholstery nozzle and wipe off any leftover with a damp cloth. And because it is a natural material, that to lose for example loss of moisture shine and softness, is the leather approximately twice a year with a moisturizing leather milk edit. Just out – or nubuck leather is not using a cream or lotion to treat. Non-fat sprays are suitable for this leather.

In contrast to a leather cover, a fabric cover is often removable and can be washed in the washing machine. If it is only sporadic contamination, they can be treated in the first step with the upholstery nozzle. Subsequently, to remove the stain with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Rinse to remove the detergent residue with a wet cloth – so no unsightly white edges occur.

interior design furniture purchase sofa leather sofa care floor wood flooring

Stain removal: from chocolate to coffee

On the sofa is not only located or sat, but also often eaten. The traces of chocolate and co. can be quickly removed with a few tips. Chocolate, egg – or urine stains can be removed best with cold water. While coffee, blood, or residues of lipstick can be treated with lukewarm distilled water with a mild shampoo is added. Grease stains are usually the most persistent. These are solved with sparkling water.

Comfortable bed

Also on the purchase and handling of the mattress, some things can be noted concerning the quality and the care.

The right Mat

The mattress is particularly crucial for a good night’s sleep. But there are, especially the hardness or the price terms, many differences.

Quality characteristics of mattresses

The quality of a mattress is among other things related to the volumetric weight. Depending on the weight of the included foam is higher, the mattress is the quality. How to calculate the volumetric weight shows the chart below.

Hard or soft?

About whether now a hard or a soft mattress better for your back, is often discussed. The selection of the hardness is but not “mandatory” criteria, but usually after your own sleep habits, body weight or body size.

interior design furniture purchase bed mattress comfortable healthy sleep

In any case should be on different mattresses test are located. If then no decision can be taken, some mattress dealers offer the possibility to take the mattress for a week to test home. They don’t like is no purchase obligation. This is especially for mattresses, which only give in to the body temperature.

Ever more expensive, the better?

The price does not necessarily says anything about the quality of the mattress. Stiftung Warentest has summed up the results, the mattresses tested their comfort and their prices since 2009. It has been found out, held that expensive mattresses can “Very good” are graded not necessarily with a. They have been often associated with cheaper models in the satisfactory range. Also rolling mattresses have been, evaluated better by the discounter as models for around 1,000 euros, only a ‘Sufficient’ with regard to their comfort have received.

buying furniture design beds Mattresses healthy

The proper mattress care

So long comfortably and especially as mite-free can be slept on the mattress, it should be cleaned regularly.


The mattress can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, this eliminates dust mites. Coarse dirt or stains caused, these can be removed with a soft or enzyme cleaner.

The mattress should be used regularly to avoid a mold. Resulting mildew stains are first with a vacuum cleaner to vacuum suction to remove the mold spores. Then, a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water can be applied. Remove with lukewarm water after a short exposure time and the mattress to disinfect.

interior design furniture purchase bed mattress cleaning allergy-free healthy home dust mite

Information for people with allergies

Despite cleaning, dust mites can quickly form in the mattress. The little creatures are only between 0.1 and 0.5 millimeters large and with the naked eye not to recognize. However, these trigger an allergy in almost every seventh person. It manifests itself by cough or even shortness of breath. 75 percent of all dust mites can be found especially in the mattresses of German households, because mites like likes damp, warm environments and feed on skin scales. To remove the little creatures with special aerosols.

Allergy sufferers should make sure after this SWR report also that the mattress cover is washable. Tests have shown that the mites at 60 degrees almost to 100 percent are killed. During a wash at 40 degrees, only about 6 per cent of thereof from the mattress cover removed. A wash is once a year to make. Apart from a washable mattress cover, allergy sufferers should use a so-called “encasing” (intermediate mattress). These absorb the mite feces and skin scales.

interior design furniture purchase bed mattress cleaning healthy

Consumer rights: Defective furniture and contract termination
Defects to the piece of furniture: repair or replenishment request

If the furniture delivery have defects, the consumer has a right to rectification, or even on a subsequent delivery. The remedy has to meet the dealer free of charge and to carry any material or delivery costs. If the faults not a remedy to resolve are, a replenishment.

Possibilities of contract rescission

The damage also to the goods to be determined, the buyer has the opportunity to withdraw from the contract or reduce the purchase price. The customer has a right to withdraw from contract also for a delay in delivery. The Consumer Council advises to use pre-made sample letters , which delayed delivery, defects or cancellations can be delivered to the dealer complaints or breach.

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