By Wood Panels A Vertical Garden For Your Home Creation

Editor   September 30, 2014   Comments Off on By Wood Panels A Vertical Garden For Your Home Creation

flowers and herbs on wood panel

A vertical garden of a wooden panel or a range

Do you love cooking for friends and acquaintances about the weekend? Do you have a suitable outdoor area, a terrace or veranda?

You might have it so much easier if the spices directly on your wall grow. You can secure this by a suitable project. Almost everything that you need is a wood panel, some suitable pots and frame, through which you will hang the plant container on the wall.

Garden design with wooden panels

vertical garden from wooden panels

In our case, they brought a wood panel 4 x 2 meter used. It consists of transverse nearby bars. Instead, you could use also wooden pallets which you then brings together to a common Panel.

Attach metal floral container wall

wood panels for vertical garden

Crude steel picks are the next important elements, which can be used. With which, you can attach the flower container on the vertical wall. This should also be made of metal. It can be also includes older items, which previously had a different purpose. If they are already obsolete for the other application, you could make beautiful flower pots.

Alternatively, you can get matching frames for plant containers, otherwise attaching to the railings.

The plants arrange according to your taste

clay pots for Kräutre on wood panels

Now you think about the design itself. There, you can mix flowers and spices, or use but only on the second. Plan the whole thing also with regard to the coloured designs. You could group the various plants after colors. So you could spice up great wall in addition to the benefit of the green background and the bright flowers.

Rich fashion colors

peppers growing on wood panels

Look at only the red pepper! Their color is just so beautiful like many other flowers. What do you think?

Color interior with paprika

green peppers planting

The peppers are also a very suitable product which you might take into consideration. They can also contribute to a great colored facilities. Think also of the wonderful aroma that will fill the atmosphere!

The watering can in addition to the plants hang

wood pallet plants

You can attach many tools on the wall if you want.

On the ground before you can place larger flower container with flower varieties, which are not suitable for horizontal gardens.

Flowers and fresh herbs

fresh herbs on the wood panel

Design vertical garden with different species of flowers

wood panels with different flower types

You can make a great vertical garden with wooden pallet

herb garden off wooden pallet

Attach the wooden pallet flower pots

re plants on wooden pallet

Vertical garden with colourful pots

vertical garden from wooden pallet

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