Cannabis At Home? It Goes Sometimes! -Unique Interior Designs

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cannabis at home interior design living room carpet

Cannabis at home? It goes sometimes! -unique interior designs

These plants of the conflicts and the contradictions associated with the period of the 60s and the hippies. But it’s also one of the earliest used house plants. You had cannabis in the houses 12 thousand years ago.

Actually, even the first draft of the Declaration of independence on cannabis paper was written. Cannabis fibre, also the first American flags were made.

Cannabis resembles too much marijuana, and therefore she can not be planted. At least in most countries like some in the United States or in most of the EU countries. But it is still popular, environmentally friendly textiles are made.

Want you some more about the benefits of cannabis plants want to learn and how they use at home.

The basic information – the cannabis textiles have been made cannabis sativa from the plant fiber.

cannabis at home interior design decoration Chair table

This is a high yielding crop, which produced more fiber than about the cotton.

A report of the stock Struts Institute has the need for the two plants to water, land and energy. Cannabis has clearly proved the greener option.

In this room, you will see an extra durable carpet from cannabis.

cannabis at home interior design living room carpet

Usage: One can certainly create products from 100 percent cannabis. But often one finds also mixes with flax, cotton or silk. Clothes and furniture has usually between 45 and 55% cotton.

Cannabis is eight times stronger than cotton

cannabis at home interior design bedroom shelves books

That’s why she was also used for the production of ropes and sails in the British and American fleet. In this case, a beautiful slope bed adheres to cannabis bands.

To see the beautiful wallpaper in the bathroom? Also, the substance is cannabis.

cannabis at home interior design flower pot bathroom

In most cases, the cannabis is a used in the carpets, curtains and upholstery. But there are also some surprising kinds of use.

The substances from cannabis have all the advantages of a cloth

cannabis at home interior design dining room flower pot dining table

Advantages :  You are with every wash and just by the time soft. In addition, this substance shows an extreme durability. To see an example of Cannabisposlterung, on the chairs in the picture left.

Cannabis is highly recommended for warm and humid climate. No mold is formed on this stuff and it will absorb the moisture. The fabrics made from cannabis only irritate the skin in any way.

Look for a compound containing silk or cotton to have a softer effect

cannabis at home interior design bedroom white linen

Cons: You can not paint the cannabis substances with many colors. Which is achieved no saturated nuances. As well as linen, wrinkles are formed here quickly and they feel scratchy.

Cannabis Chair for 600 euro

cannabis at home interior design classic

Cannabis there is around the world, but also in this area, the Chinese are already market leaders. If you want to be so environmentally friendly, you should check the origin of the composition of your choice.

Recovery processing

cannabis at home interior design mirror frame notes

Finally, I would like to also this topic. Because even the best pieces must at some point out of the House.

Best, you should edit the products rather than to throw them out. They make wonderful for these purposes the durability of objects produced from cannabis plant. Would one because of cannabis exposed bag of province aesthetics like to have?These are already widely used in France.

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