Ceilings – The Best Among The Several Solutions Select

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interior design ideas living room beamed ceiling Scandinavian design

Ceilings – ideas on how you make the ceiling

What strikes you right away in the eye when entering a room? A fancy Chair, the carpet or the walls maybe? And do you ever upwards, on the ceiling? When designing a room attention is not enough ceiling, frankly. In our article, but we do that and make the room ceiling to the main topic of today’s post.

Suspended ceiling in the living room

interior design ideas living room suspended ceiling ceiling lighting blatant accent

Colored paint and paint the ceiling in the bedroom

interior design ideas nursery fancy ceiling carpet

Actually, there is among several options to choose how to create the ceiling. We absorbed a few of these and hope that you find inspiration, how you can make the ceiling in your home.

Make the ceiling color

If you want to give more character the interior design, can be painted the ceiling in a stark color, so this clearly differentiates itself from the walls. In this way, it creates nice contrasts in the room and emphasised the individual elements in the interior design.

Bathroom with a black ceiling and white wall tile

interior design ideas bathroom black ceiling white wall tiles

A colored blanket PEPs up the dining room

interior design ideas dining room green ceiling pendant lamps

The ceiling in the living room attracts the attention immediately

ceilings living room green coffered ceiling coloured cushion

Kitchen with fancy ceiling

ceilings kitchen coloured ceiling blatant accents

Golden ceiling in the dining room

ceilings dining room design chandelier Golden ceiling plant

Dining room with light blue ceiling

interior design ideas dining room light blue blanket rug

Fresh green blanket in the kitchen with built-in ceiling lights

interior design ideas kitchen green blanket white kitchen island

Suspended ceilings

The suspended ceilings are attractive and the rooms in this way provides a unique look. Suspended ceilings are quite good if you put on an efficient ceiling lighting wants to. The LED lamps remain invisible, but the light is reflected and distributed in this way throughout the room.

Luxurious living room with ceiling lighting

ceilings living room suspended ceiling led lighting

Suspended ceiling in the bedroom

ceilings bedroom Luxuxriöses interior design suspended ceiling

Coffered ceiling

The coffered ceiling is an interesting decision, as you design the room ceiling. This blanket is characterised by a distinctive cross bar or ribs, as a result, creates a uniform optical distribution. By a coffered ceiling, insert element in each room to beautiful interiors. Whether classic or modern, coffered ceilings give the rooms an individual touch.

Black coffered ceiling in the living room

interior design ideas coffered ceiling living room-beige carpet

A fancier chandelier hangs from the coffered ceiling in the dining room

interior design ideas dining room ceiling coffered ceiling images

The ceiling in the living room look attractive

interior design ideas living room ceiling side table

Wood ceiling

A wooden ceiling brings a fresh touch to the room and you feel closer the nature for this reason. Also you get a feeling of cosiness in the House this way. Often combining them with other wooden elements, and so to create a harmonious interior design.

The wooden ceiling and the lamp shade texture combine well with each other

interior design ideas living room ceiling pendant white sofas

Make the bedroom with a wood ceiling

ceilings bedroom beamed ceiling natural light wall color

Wood ceilings with built-in lights

interior design ideas living room wooden ceiling fireplace

Beamed ceilings

By a beamed ceiling, it gives the room a rustic look. You can make the ceiling in every room with wooden beams. Especially in interior design in the rural style that not only inscribes itself wonderfully. In any case, beamed ceilings look wonderfully in combination with a wood floor.

Combine with wooden shelves, wooden table and wooden floor beams

room ceiling kitchen beamed cottage-style wooden floor open shelves

Wood makes comfortable interior design

ceilings kitchen beams industrial items

Colour contrasts in the kitchen

interior design ideas kitchen white walls dark floors

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