Celebrities – The Villa Of Celine Dion In Paris Will Be Sold!

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It is worth to take a look at it!

The year 2016 was not easy at all for Celine Dion. She lost her husband and her brother within a week. We wish her good emotions for 2017. Today we talk about a somewhat more cheerful theme. We show you her beautifully furnished villa in Paris. It is a jewel of the interior design once. In addition, it is now to have for the “modest” $9.5 million.

Eclectic and more private rooms

Eclectic style and layout of the Interior in several private rooms characterise the residence of Celine Dion in Paris. The House has 5 bedrooms, which each have a corresponding bathroom. There’s also a home theater, wine cellar, Spa and gym. The House has four floors, which can be reached by an elevator.

Celebrities and your apartments – ceiling constructions

celebrities celine Dione

The floor to ceiling structures dominate in the living room. There’s even such window.  Let the room appear even wider than it already is. The dark furniture, elaborate decoration and the fireplace create a cosy atmosphere.

We find also a bookshelf up to sufficient of the ceiling in the living room.

Together with a media wall is integrated, it occupies an entire wall.

A stunning atmosphere created celebrities – Celine Dion in her home

celebrities celine Dione apartment

The corridor is transformed into an art gallery

Celine Dion has care, that even the stay in the hallway in this apartment is a unique experience. There are great works of art on all the walls. You’ll attract certainly not only the attention of visitors, but also profound interest in each. The selection is so professional and tasteful that one comes to like in an art gallery.

Colors as the main theme in the bedroom

celebrities celine Dione bedroom

The purple color dominates one of the most beautiful bedrooms. This color can be described almost as a theme. It occurs in many different versions and several pieces of furniture. Spectacular demonstrates the potential of this color in the room.

Similarly, it looks with the application of gray and yellow in one of the other beautiful bedrooms. Here, they are used in a very bright variation and together represented as a surprisingly soothing combination. Gray has a peaceful and calming aura, while yellow has an invigorating effect.

Feminine design in the bathroom

celebrities celine Dione bathroom

Everyone in a feminine design will be immersed in the bathroom.  Here we have a color theme. In this case, it is the pink. She is introduced in diverse variants by different patterned ceramic tiles. The sauna is decorated in pink represents a high point.

Celebrities and their homes – place for everything

celebrities celine Dione living room

The Villa has the character of a place for recreation. But enough space allotted to also work and entertainment outdoors. We have a beautifully furnished office here. It is wide and thus meets the creative nature of Celine Dion. An inspiring work of art is located across the street from the work table. The books were housed in a noble-looking wooden shelf.

The terrace shows a very simple design, so that nature takes over the lead role in the outdoor furnishings.  But there is enough space, guests receive and the terrace depending on the occasion, to be set up differently.

Celebrities and your apartments – a modern and stylish House

celebrities celine Dione House

Celebrities – Celine Dion

celebrities celine Dione

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