Ceramic Worktops – What Power Ceramic So Ready To Go Out?

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ceramic countertops Lechner worktops from ceramic sink

Are the optimal solution for your modern and functional kitchen ceramic worktops?

The kitchen countertop plays an essential role in cooking, washing and a total for all jobs in the kitchen. It serves primarily as a work surface, everything about cooking, happened on the. But when it comes to a kitchen island, the countertop as a dining table can work. So, this multi purpose plate should be properly suited to kitchen. What that means and she should consist of what material? The simple answer is: granite. Granite has established itself as one of the best materials for kitchen countertops. But it would be boring if that were the only answer. You remember the postin which we enumerate five suitable materials and their properties? To do this, we have found two ways. Countertops-material called concrete. It is to the other in this post. It may turn out that ceramics is the material suitable for a modern and functional kitchen countertop. Should we check this time?

Kitchen countertop ceramic – the new alternative to granite

ceramic worktops kitchens Lechner worktops from ceramic

Ceramic counter tops proved to be the perfect alternative to granite countertops. What makes ceramic so well suited is the composition of natural materials – sand, feldspar, clay, mineral oxides and natural dyes. These are pressed together under pressure in a thin layer and then baked at high temperatures. The manufacturing technique guarantees the high quality of the resulting product.

What are the advantages of the worktop in ceramic?

ceramic countertops Lechner worktops from ceramic Stella Nera

Ceramic worktops are especially robust and scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and refractory. They absorb at all no water, making them more liquid resistant. A staining by grease or acids is excluded. For this reason, ceramic countertops are very hygienic and easy to clean. All means, even acidic is suitable for cleaning the work surface made of ceramic.

Convince yourself of the present video from the properties of the kitchen worktop made of ceramic.

Ceramic countertop in the test

In addition the ceramic plates can be made very thin (a minimum thickness of 8 mm), therefore they are very light and handy. What’s the optics, the ceramic counter tops in various shades and patterns are available. Their surface is still frosted. Strive for a shiny effect, ceramic unfortunately is not your material. In this case, consider using a countertop made of granite or quartz, which offer reliable quality.

Manufacturer of worktops made of ceramics: Lechner

ceramic countertops kitchen design Küchenarbetsplatte Lechner

Ceramic countertops compared to countertops made of other materials relatively expensive (around 1000 euros per linear meter), what are perhaps the only downside is.

Modern kitchen with countertop, ceramic

ceramic countertops kitchen design Lechner worktops from ceramic

Kitchen island with thin ceramic surface

ceramic countertops Lechner worktops from ceramic Magia Mora

Ceramic countertop with flush built-in sink and hob

ceramic countertops Lechner worktops from ceramic Basalto Grigia

Countertops of Röhm kitchens

ceramic countertops counter tops from built-in ceramic hob sink coplanar

Built-in double sink and Nuancerich hob in the worktop

ceramic counter tops kitchen worktops from ceramic Röhm kitchens design

Durable ceramic sinks and worktops of Varia Hörsch

ceramic worktops work surfaces from ceramic sink hob Varia Hörsch

Ceramic is resistant to chemicals and stain-resistant

ceramic worktops work surfaces from ceramic sink coplanar incorporated

Ceramic as a countertop – manufacturing process

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