Cheap Install Basement Windows And Win More Light In The Room

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basement install curtain

Master fast and cheap wrong basement

If you are looking for an apartment for rent, usually the basement apartments are cheaper, which is of course a cause for rejoicing. The cheap rent a number of disadvantages and inconveniences, which are crucial to note when choosing the apartment cohorts.

When you rent a basement apartment, one should expect cold floor, volume cars and passers-by, mold and not cubicles with insufficient light.

Create the illusion of a real basement window

build a basement window curtain tube lamps frame blind

The reality look until recently. In the world of social media, the clever idea of an American couple that seems to have solved at least, the problem with the light of day very original, simple and cheap rotates for a few days.

Blinds provide magical light effects

build a basement window curtain tube lamps floral frame

Know this problem or want to install just an additional basement window? The following example, you will get a lasting, satisfactory and above all cheap solution for your basement apartment or your basement.  The total cost of the “fake window’ be around €150 and if you hang a curtain outside the window, none will recognize no real daylight coming through the fabric.

There may be genuine confusion

basement install curtain frame tube lamps without decoration

Quickly go to the hardware store and get 2 x 4 acrylic glass plate in the desired size, 2 LED tube lamp (depending on your needs), glue and cornstarch.

With simple means, you can take the wrong window to able

install basement curtain frame tube lamps cornstarch

The cornstarch is distributed via the acrylic glass plate and glued to the direct light of the led tube lights to reflect and scatter. The effect is all the more credible if you provide the window with curtains in bright shade or cheerful design. Some of the examples, we see that a blind to the new window as well looks like the curtain. So, then looking for something to suit your taste, that serves as a “Privacy”.

For the purpose you need acrylic panels

build a basement window curtain frame tube lamps

Before and after – hard to believe

install basement

Behind the glass, you position the LED tube lamps

basement install curtain tube lamps

The mystery is revealed behind the curtain

basement install curtain tube lamps frame the secret

We hope to have helped you, and that your work is well done! Continue reading the blog and until next time!

And another inspiring video, to achieve even better results:

Step by step master a fake window

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