Children’s Room Design – Creative Ideas In Color

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nursery set up bed wall decoration ideas wall wallpaper

Children’s fashion – cool interior design ideas for siblings or only children

Do you want great design ideas for the nursery? Here are some that we are happy to introduce you.

Today, it is over 30 square meters to a great room. Yes, it’s certainly a bit bigger. The idea, however, is that not just one, but two girls live.

It combines not only the life of the little brothers and sisters, but also various functions in this space. In the nursery, the two girls have the opportunity not only to sleep. Rather, they have space to play and to work here. The room is also suitable enough so you invite friends to.

Want to consider now up close, how with the help of the children’s works?

Interior design ideas from a nursery

nursery figures siblings room colour wall design cushion

Before the two great beds, which have been created almost like for twins, benches are located in great colors. The padding and whose width make them very comfortable for sitting and resting. You can also combine them on request.

You can think many games already, which you can organize?

The opposite half of the room was considered to play area us work. The separation is done through a working and playing surface itself. Furthermore, a TV depends on device, which can be viewed only by the “day room”page.

Work our play area

nursery figures siblings room wall color learning corner figures

So, the little ones in the children’s room can take advantage and work. Actually, they can invite other friends to do so. There is sufficient space. Parents can sit down next door and help prepare the homework.

The area including used very effectively. You can store many things in boxes and drawers below. Thus you can enjoy a very good order in the House.

It has many fun items that also have very practical features. So as you can see a seat in the shape of an elephant. A screen with learning function was executed in the cheerful and super motivating color – orange.

Cheerful colour scheme

nursery design learning corner acrylic furniture chairs wall shelf wall color pigeon blue

You gave is also much effort to weld everything together. The elements which play the most important role, are the panels executed in blue. They performed it on all sides. The other of the two welded shades is white.

The Deco – about the Lampshade and the wallpaper with the tree on the wall, is also executed in these colors.

It thus satisfies all functions and still has a uniform looking bedroom and work rooms for the two children.

More examples for modern and practical nursery design ideas

nursery set up coloured interior design ideas travel figures

Children swing from hooks attached to the door frame

nursery design travel swing door frame table wall decoration pictures

Bedroom furniture and toys made of wood

nursery design travel bed wood furniture toys

Build a tent in the nursery

nursery design travel tent from bed sheet wood floor runner

Tent bed sheet

nursery design travel tent from sheets

Indian tent

nursery design room Indian tent striped wall decoration

A comic book hero on the wall

nursery design bed runner wall decoration Spiderman comic book open wall shelf

Many children like to draw creative wall design – on the wall

nursery design room for creative wall-design

Colorful design ideas – a fantastic game room

children's room design game room wall decoration wall sticker Kartick Setup ideas

Creative DIY idea paint cans in use

creative wall-design children's figures paint cans learning corner organize

Children’s room interior design ideas

Spilraum nursery design bed open Wall shelves wood

Fairy tale books collection

wall decoration nursery design Bookshelf Wall shelves storybooks

Owls decorations

home accessories nursery design bed OWL ornaments Chronicly


wall decoration nursery Gestalten Blackboard good night bed

Use clothes pegs

nursery set up bed with storage space creative wall design ideas

Map of the world – wall wallpaper with aim of exploring

wall decoration nursery design world map bed Chair COMMODE

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