Children’s Room Furniture – Healthy Learning Furniture Help With Homework

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children's room furniture children furniture learning

Healthy learning furniture in the nursery – less homework stress

Even in the happiest family, it comes when the topic of homework of again too irritated mood and stress. Usually, several factors contribute to this, one reason for this is however very easy to turn off: namely if a thoughtfully furnished, own learning space for the child available, this is the best basis for a relaxed learning.

Parents should therefore at least set up own learning ranked first in the nursery with the training. It is even better, already used to do something. So the child can learn already playful use his new desk.

Children’s room furniture – ergonomic learning for little ones
nursery furniture interior design ideas ergonomic children's furniture

The schoolchild learns at your own desk, to carry out its tasks independently. Here, it feels not observed and can exercise without the distraction of others, to organize themselves and to find their own solutions to problems. So growing self confidence and hence the joy of learning.

Self confidence in children and awaken lust for learning

nursery furniture children furniture learning

Only the Chair, then select the desktop

In the selection of learning furniture, many parents at first looking for a desk and then take its Chair to do this. However, as the explanatory film in the Kinderzimmerhaus.

Selection of learning furniture – an explanatory film

children's room furniture children furniture learning homework video

Magazine presents, it is better to do the reverse: a desk can choose only then ergonomically suitable if the child sitting perfectly upright. Therefore, it makes more sense to select the Chair first and only in a second step the desk.

The most important criterion for the Chair is to support the childlike nature of the movement. Because children move intuitively very much also in learning. While this “Hancock” was once frowned upon, we now know that these unconsciously performed sitting position changes for a healthy learning are very important: firstly, they relieve the child’s back, on the other hand loosen the movements emerging tensions and thereby support the ability to concentrate.

Set up learning space in the nursery

nursery furniture children's furniture Sophie desk

Good ergonomic desk chairs have a movable seat, which must be in addition of course adjustable in height, so that she can be adapted to the changing size of the child. For this, it is adjusted so that the child enough sitting upright with both feet on the ground. Dangling legs are very unpleasant and interfere with learning very! So the child can slip up to the rear of the seat, without that pushes the edge of the seat in the backs of the knees, the seat depth should be adjusted. And finally, a flexible backrest which always messes at different seat positions on the back of the child belongs to an optimal support of the back.

Ergonomic children’s room furniture

nursery furniture learning side plate

The ergonomic desk grows with

In addition to the Chair, of course the desk should be ergonomically well thought-out. Fortunately, there are now a wide range of high-quality ergonomic and also handsome and affordable learning furniture for children. With Chair and table does not necessarily need to come from same program, much more important is that both best fits the child!

Learning furniture for children

nursery furniture children's furniture nursery figures Kettler learning course

The most outstanding feature of ergonomic desks of children is the tilting work surface. Traditionally flat tops cause a forward bent posture. The individual vertebrae are under strain at the curvature of the spine. In children, these unhealthy posture can lead to pain or even unhealthy. In fact, pediatricians determine dissemination of back problems among school children is increasing more and more.

Ergonomic Desk Chair

nursery furniture ergonomics recording with phase Berri

Because the optimal angle of the desktop differs depending on the activity, it is important that the inclination can be adjusted at any time easily: to read the plate with approximately 30 ° should clearly be inclined, moderate on tilted for writing with about 15 degrees and be completely lowered for computer work.

Children’s rooms modern and healthy fashion

nursery furniture nursery figures Kettler desk logo plus

Well-designed systems enable the child at any time very easy to adjust the tilt with a handle. Have to be considered on security: unfortunately still dangerous Klemmfallen lurking in some workplace systems.

Avoid back problems among school children

nursery furniture children's furniture Kettler desk logo Plus2

While the inclined table plate is counted despite their importance for a relaxed and healthy learning still to the upscale features of a kids desk, a height adjustment should actually belong to the basic equipment. Also applies to the height adjustment, it should be easy, safe and continuous.

Ergonomic kids desk with tilting work surface

children's room furniture children's furniture comfort white grey

By the way: Good learning furniture can even widen and in addition with varied accessories upgrade, that the desk can do his service even after school hours in the first own “shop” ! Therefore, the design maybe parents should simple select a setting as it would perhaps like the preschooler. Modern furniture systems also offer many opportunities to refactor by replacing individual parts. So the desk adjusts not only the growing body of the child’s, but also his changing tastes!

* All pictured desks is the brand Kettler kids desks.

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