Chimneys And Fireplaces Provide Warmth And Comfort At Home

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fireplace firewood yellow chair cushion classic

Design ideas for fireplaces

Do you intend installing a marvelous fireplace perhaps currently at home? Want you reach a unique and appealing look through its facilities with beautiful tiles in your setting?

Do you know that you can buy it in many different colors, fabrics, patterns?

The beauty is in the detailsFireplaces and fire pits

fireplaces and fire pits traditional ambience living room

Use small dimensioned pattern, to convert the fireplace into a subtle, yet very appealing central point? The simple design of the fireplace cornice and decoration help that one focuses on the beautiful tiles.

Wonderful patterns

fireplaces and fire pits traditional wall colors frame

If the fireplaces and fire pits are creatively simple and show little jewelry, you have no problem to install more patterns on them. Here, one creates a dramatic appearance around the fireplace around by a few glass mosaics. The shade of the wall fits great with the color in the room and thus ensures a uniform image.

Natural beauty

fireplaces and fire pits neutral beautiful

Pairing the neutral beauty with an ornate mantelpiece. However, try to hold the interest of the interesting trim. The fireplace shows a lavish white cornice and the surrounding design of tiles is dominated by warm, hearth, cream tones.

Dominance of the texture of everything

fireplaces and fire pits texture classic

The large-sized tiles include detailed pictorial representations. An elegant, traditional look here are obtained by the natural colours and the Golden accents.

Weathered character

fireplaces and fire pits wood kitchen vintage

Inspired tiles around the fireplaces and fire pits around tiles provide a rural charm. Through such the room immediately receives an individual appearance. Traditional materials correspond to the surrounding white cabinets and the black work surfaces and perfectly complement their effect.

Inspired by kitchen and bathroom

fireplaces fireplaces wall mirror Chavron carpet coffee table glass

Marble has always been a popular material for kitchens and bedrooms. See these fireplaces and fire pits here! Do not bring them in the marble in the appearance of the room in a great manner? By corresponding with black and white in the room you reach exalted elegance.

Textures including Pebble

fireplaces and fire pits floor vase decorative texture

The built-in small pebbles create a nature-inspired character in this fireplace. The pairs of stones with grey mortar and simple white materials provides a contemporary, clean look.

Tall and handsome

fireplaces fireplaces wall long smooth

What do you think of vertical arrangement of elegant tiles which you experienced? Keep clear height and much drama around the fireplace around. The dark color palette warms up the contemporary space. At the same time, the contemporary narrow tile get the modern character.

Over the border

fireplaces tiles fireplaces carpet floor lamp Chair

Want to use because not smaller tiles to mark the inner – and outer edge of the fireplace housing? Here have been used tiles rich texture, to make the frame of the application. Seen on some of the tiles in a similar texture. Thus you can enjoy interesting appearance and consistent public image.

Three-dimensional image

fireplaces and fire pits bedroom bed table lamp

If you are planning to build a fireplace, drag the color into consideration. The three-dimensional texture keeps also a uniform character. In this bedroom, the tiles form something that looks like a blanket. Attention may be drawn in this case by soft lines and shapes.

Picture perfect

fireplaces and fire pits coffee table sofa living room

Search for tiles with an image that you especially like. Use it repeatedly, to present a unified theme in the room. On the front of the fireplace here, you can see a blue boat. You could choose something better for this nautical running room.

Room high design

fireplaces and fire pits kitchen pendant

Pull the use same tiles on the floor and on the front of the Mantel into consideration. Thus you will ensure a cohesive picture in the room. With tiles to the ceiling of the vaulted room the fireplace ensures a meaningful message. The relatively large falling patterns are on hand to ensure that the whole is not charged.

Go the generous

dining room dining table chairs wood rustic pendants

You’ve found tiles, you simply adore? Instead of that you equip a small area around the fireplace around it, a whole wall with these considering pull execution. These home owners were often on the tiles and other elaborate facilities, to achieve an interesting rotation and pivot.

Asian influences

wood dining table transparent acrylic chairs fireplace classic

Asian-looking tiles fit well with the Eastern character of the room. Figures painted by hand go along the lines of mortar. One has the impression that the tiles like a puzzle are put together. They brought in black tiles also therein, so that the fireplaces and fire pits are not overcrowded.

Welcome contrasts

contrast fireplace wall living room classic

Black tiles are a great contrast to the white fireplace. Here, the high gloss black paint on the tiles is the modern character of the otherwise very traditional space.

Uniformly equip the floor and fireplace

fireplace floor tiles living room coffee table

You could connect these two elements in a great manner, using the same tiles in two places. The ceramic tiles here show warm terracotta shades, and let the front of the fireplace and the other white institutions appear warmer. See the Arch of tiles around the fireplace opening around! This creates a great contrast to the rectangular patterns on the ground.

Bright and luxurious

partition wall mosaic bath decorative fireplace

There is nothing luxurious as the marble. In this bath, the chimney above the deep bathtub represents the perfect atmosphere for resting. Everything was equipped with the same marble tiles. The bathtub and the fireplace write is great there.

About geometric

upholstered furniture dining room fireplace artfully carpet

The front of this fireplace housing includes geometric patterns, which consist mostly of triangles in different sizes. This is a sharp turning point to the otherwise completely white room. The geometry is absorbed by the carpet, which provides a Visual link to the ground.

Of course warm

fireplace firewood yellow chair cushion classic

Want to enrich the front wall with the warm and natural charm of the wooden tiles? You could do that among other things wonderfully through the stubble of logs in the fireplace. The white ledge holds the construction of an exaggerated rural look.

Bright and beautiful

coffee table fireplace wall mirror sofa pillow

Provide for a hint of color around the fireplace around by inserting a Flash nuance. Vivid blue tiles are embraced by a fresh white frame. The walls they brought brighter blue shading and bold yellow accents complete the look.

Loosen up the whole

stripes carpet case coffee table fireplace wall

Provide more interesting phenomena through the incorporation of tiles in these contrasting colors. Here, it has to do with natural colours and a range of patterned tiles above the fireplace. These go hand in hand on the sides and thus keeps a pretty varied look.

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