Clever DIY Interior Ideas For A Stronger Environmental Awareness

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DIY Interior ideas switch Comik

DIY Interior ideas for more effectiveness at home

To achieve greater energy efficiency at home, we don’t always need to spend solid totals. The measures, which we describe today, you need usually also don’t really have much time.

In many households, the high utility bills are just some bad habits. That sound to your case? Perhaps our article then introduces you to a less expensive winter.

Advices for your household will soon pay back itself

DIY Interior ideas Grüm stay

Choose bright colors for interior design

Your apartment is too small and gets during the day not enough light? Put on pale shades. You must turn on artificial light already in the afternoon and pay large electricity bills.

Forget the halogen lamps!

Replace the halogen bulbs with energy-saving those. The second have a longer life. Their lifespan ranges between 10 and 15 years. Energy-saving light bulbs consume about 80% less electricity.

Not too long let the charger in the wall socket, especially if you can’t recharge your cell phone

DIY Interior ideas charger

Chargers only turn on when it is necessary

A charger in the outlet consumes power even when you connect a device it. So you should remove them after use.

To clean the air conditioner

The next our DIY Interior ideas is easy to clean the filters of the air conditioner. Yes, this is not very pleasant task, but it is important for the power saving. Specialists say that this Reinigungviel will help, that bacteria settle in your household.

Energy-saving lamps are good for nature and for your electricity bill

DIY Interior ideas light bulb

Take advantage of the savings fashions from your PC

The constant input and switching off the PC is certainly not a good idea. But he has the “Sleep” function. When you select this mode more often, then you save much energy.

You want to go on holiday? Then switch off the power Central

Here is another one of the DIY Interior ideas for power saving. It is also obvious, but is often underestimated. You need but no electricity while you are away! Best you empty the refrigerator, to turn it off also.

Rather, use an extension cord with a power switch. This saves energy and is more secure

DIY Interior ideas switch distributor

The kitchen triangle rule

Forming a triangle of kitchen greatly contributes to increase the effectiveness of the current. It must be considered already well in the stage of planning.

Depending on the stove and the refrigerator are remote, you will save more power.

Small rooms seem larger when they are brighter

DIY Interior ideas switch light rooms

Use the right equipment

If you have only a portion of the food to spare, you should warm up this rather in a small pan and on the appropriate panel. The oven would consume unnecessary power.

Make sure that your devices meet all European standards of energy

DIYWohnideen switch devices

Use the pressure cooker

We should all have at home a pressure cooker. Food cope quickly. The modern steam cooking pottery are still safe to do so.

Wash the clothes at a low temperature

There are three golden rules for washing, which at the same time can serve as a DIY Interior ideas for power saving. First, you should wash your clothes at a low temperature. Secondly, you use the Waschmaschinenur if enough dirty clothes has collected. Thirdly, the washing machine should be in good condition.

Similar to the rules for the dishwasher are.

Not too hot to wash your clothes

DIY Interior ideas switch level

Carpet on the floor lay out

Instead of investing in floor heating, should lay out rather a carpet. To make a cozy and comfortable your home, warmer. Particularly, the cotton carpets contribute to energy efficiency.

Through the carpet on the sheet, you save more heat and thus consume less heating

DIY Interior ideas switch carpet

Let no curtains before heaters

Yes, we all know this feeling: we would throw away the heaters prefer because it but not so perfectly suited to our interior design. Our efforts to hide them, sometimes as far as lead that we hang curtains before that.

Regularly clean the filter of your air conditioner

DIY Interior ideas air conditioning filter

We don’t remember, however, that we prevent the propagation of heat in this manner. So, we consume much more power.

In the night should maybe hang the curtains before the heater

At night you should avoid that the warm air from the room disappears. Let therefore prefer to hang the curtains from the heaters.

Invest in smart devices that regulate power consumption

All smart devices that adjust power consumption benefits pay off quickly in the long run. Invest only in those.

With curtains over the heating and linen on the radiators, you do yourself no good favour

DIY Interior ideas curtains

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