Color Design Made Easy

Posted on Mar 14, 2016

Basic rules for correct color in interior design

Correct mixing of the colors is strongly linked by the harmony in the region. When these fits were selected, the whole interior looks balanced and uniform. No matter what style we choose, aren’t aspiring we but this effect?

Therefore, we repeatedly discuss combining the colors and nuances. We discuss but mainly new trends and unusual ideas. This remains important on the line sometimes something real. These are the ground rules. To achieve a good end result, we must remember always this.

Primary colors – Blue, yellow and Red

The primary colors are blue, yellow and red. If a painter the world has these and still black and white, he can fix all other shades.

Orange, purple and green

Orange, purple and green are examples of secondary colors. They actually evolve the mix from different primary colors.

Tertiary colors

There are also the so-called tertiary colors. You emerge from the mix of primary and secondary colors.

The color palette

Primary, secondary and tertiary colors you see in any any color palette. Each of these shows different shades and numerous shades and can have very different intensity.

Color design in pastel

colour inneneinrichutung Pastel pink grey sofa designer coffee table

Monochrome colour scheme

Different shades of the same color are used in the monochromatic colour scheme. Can be white, black and gray to do so. The monochrome color palette gives the Interior always a classic look. Also, as a colour design is quite simple.

You can reach more originality and variety by combining different textures.

The monochrome color schemes can be hot or cold. The cold provides a relaxing atmosphere, ensures peace and spreads the space purely visually strong. The warm colors make the room appear smaller. In addition, they provide a bright and energetic look.

Color design with neutral colours

color inneneinrichutung gray couch Ottoman leather white laminated walls walnut

Tip: If you want to create a very cozy room, you combine neutral pastel colors with other bright shades. For example, you can completely run a room in beige, white and light blue.

Analog color design

When the analogue colour scheme, you can choose two or three colors, which abut the color palette. One should dominate them and the others would have to supplement them. Choose either only for warm or cold shades.

If the selected colors are too bright, then these should be used as accents on a neutral background.

Orange and Brown – a perfect color duo

inneneinrichutung living room color analog colors warm orange brown curtains upholstery leather chair

Analog color design with accents

The analog colors could make the background for this variant. This should be as bright or neutral. Add some bright accents.

Complementary colour scheme

To do this, choose opposite colors from the color palette. These are the so-called contrast colors. At best, they should be used as accents on a neutral background.

Gorgeous living room furniture with complementary colors

color design living room fashion yellow purple sofa walls white columns

The already mediated variants are certainly good basic knowledge, which you can use for your interior design. If you can master these, it drops you after that much easier to create your own creative colour combinations. So avoid certainly discouraging failures!

Play with colors and patterns!

colour inneneinrichutung complementary color blue orange red stripes

Complementary pastel colors

colour inneneinrichutung complementary pastel

Light and colour design go always hand in hand

colour design inneneinrichutung complementary wall colors yellow blue

Feel and look in the line

colour design inneneinrichutung open living plan pale green walls wood veneers kitchen

Blue and white – color classic par excellence

colour design inneneinrichutung rules round dining table blue chairs hanging curtains

Neutral and pastel colors bring peace and relaxation with

colour of inneneinrichutung bedroom double bed nautrale colours

Fresh and radiant tones spice on your ambience

color inneneinrichutung sofa Chair Leopard print dekokissen green curtains

Concentrate on two or three main colors

colour of inneneinrichutung living room set white Chair red rug

Summer casualness and joie de vivre

colour of inneneinrichutung living room chairs make pastel sofa

Warm colors make for cheerful mood and optical light

colour of inneneinrichutung living room design warm colours orange red cushion couch

The cool colors calm your senses and bring relaxation

colour of inneneinrichutung living room cold colors dekokissen curtain pattern

White backdrop and Flash color accents in the living room

colour of inneneinrichutung living room sofa fireplace brick wall

Perfect symmetry and color balance

color design living room set up orange accents glass occasional tables coffee table sofa

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