Colored Pattern For The Interior Design – Fashion Trends 2014

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In line with fashion trends 2014

Inspiring patterns as fashion trends 2014

The spring collections are now for months on the market. Even longer! Most traders have purchased already also the summer Collections. You can discuss the fashion trends already 2014 on the basis of this.

Today’s article is dedicated to three trends that are most popular and up to date. Look at the following pictures and see whether one or more ideas will awaken your curiosity. In advance I will tell: the geometry is in this season in the foreground!


We all know that the geometric designs are currently super modern. This applies particularly to the triangle pattern. It has developed with time and they represent a part of the larger forms. They were formed when the triangular forms were combined and brought together.

Be modern

triangle patterned pillow of fashion trends 2014

Here we see a Mettalic of company West Elmpillow. This is one of the most enchanting results for me. The blend of natural materials and sunny forms is seductive. Actually, that’s not at all surprising given the fact that the pattern of the cushions are based on the artwork of the English designer Sarah Campbell. So a great glitter effect!

Mettalic pillow

metallic patterned Chronicly fashion trends 2014

Again, we see a combination of triangles and diamonds. This time, they decorate the Mountain Lake cushion of the company FERM living. Two reasons are demonstrated here, why you should love this kind of patterns: the bright colors and the fact that they were printed by hand.

Fashion trends 2014 with triangles and diamonds

diamond cushion interior design ideas

This diamond-set fun reaches the range of carpets. This is due to the designers, who have created works such as marque Chindi rug from CB2. The mixture of geometric patterns and volumes in free forms may appear in various forms. You can view both a grassroots and a contemporary and trendy character.

Geometric-patterned carpet

geometric carpet Diamante fashion trends 2014

The plus sign

Want to talk now about the plus sign? It is difficult to determine why exactly this kind of design has become so popular. But there is kind of something modern, some symbolism and connection to pop! The example here was executed in blue and green. It can be purchased at CB2 .

Plus sign pattern

plus sign cushion pattern of fashion trends 2014

You can compare anything with the effect of the bright red against a white background. This pillow covered with crosses from the Etsy Shop is called “Classic by Nature” and shows a design printed by hand. It is purchased through the fashion plate technology, which always leads to a stylish, uneven appearance.

Fashion trends 2014 with cross patterns

cushion Red Cross motifs

Often the rule “less is more” applies. Below we see the cushion of the model “reversible black and natural cross pop” of the designer Jonathan Adler. The material is cotton, and shows a character of the 60s. Depending on the mood, you can turn one side or the other.

Fashion trends 2014 mite the character of the 60s

plus sign cushion pattern trends 2014

The semicircle

Some call it also Crescent, some – semi-circle, and there are also a number of other names. No matter how it is, it is a circle that was cut by half. He takes a central place in the half moon a cushion from Etsy shop below. The fresh, however whimsical blue-and white combination is a perfect variant for the representation of geometric patterned fabrics.

Fashion trends 2014 with semicircles

Chronicly l Moon motifs black white

In the next picture we see an example that has been thought for outdoor use. It’s Outdoor Wood Grain Crescent cushion of the company West Elm. It combines different nuances of orange with warm shades of grey. This design was inspired by patterns from the middle of the last century. The cushions are weather resistant and are therefore ideal for use in outdoor applications.

Design ideas for outdoor use

outdoor cushion Crescent motifs

Attach the half-circles and display them with pride. The cushion with the black half circles of the company away from living celebrates the power of geometric patterns.

Let alone the fact that the black and white color palette can not go unnoticed.

Black way cushion with semicircles

fashion trends 2014 small pillow Crescent motifs

Circles can be the whole season through found distant living. They are pillow on the shown here Inca. It is available in different variants. Below, you can see it in grey. Notice how the half-circles with other forms of how about triangles in the sense of geometric designs are combined. This is as remarkable as unique.

Fun interior design

semicircle motifs Chronicly deign

It’s funny to see how the today displayed patterns develop over time. Often the diamonds due to a combination patterns of triangles that have become super popular in the world of design. The half-circle represents a sharper version of other popular models such as the scallop. Do you have other ideas about what is modern next in the world of fabric patterns?

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