Colorful Great Home Furnishings On 150 Square Meters

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colorful great home furnishings painting artist

Colorful great home furnishings – color and personality on 150 square meters

The designer Frances Merrill believes that every home can be converts into a personal paradise.

The current House of her family looked terrible at the beginning. But now it has transforms it through small ideas in a wonderful place.

The House at a glance:

Who lives here: Frances Merril, her husband, Deputy Director of the American Film Institute and two children honor and Rex

Location: Silver Lake District of Los Angeles

Size: 150 square meters, 2 bedrooms and detached bed and breakfast, 1 bath

Year built: 1928

An interesting fact: It has accommodated here the teams at some shooting

colorful great home furnishings pink front door wood

At the sight of the House before purchasing you wanted to orient yourself else due to the terrible façade on something. Merrill has said however that a layer all appear much nicer color will be.

The selection of the shade was a challenge in itself. The solution with metal paint proved to be very successful.

This sofa was found on the road

colorfully eclectic great furnishing idea seat wall decoration painting

Its design looks very personally by the diverse cushion.

Here you can see the ergonomic layout of the books on the shelf above the window and onto a stack next to it

colorful great home furnishings books library

Still, you can see here an old, renewed by surprising floral upholstery Theater Chair.

The living area is the epicenter of the House

colorfully eclectic great furnishing idea chair round wall mirror

The red vintage Chair has been found on a farm sale. The picture itself is a work of the owner of the House.

In the kitchen, it has opted for the solution of open shelves

colorful great interior wall shelving bottles Einweckgläser

Probably because everyone in the family in between like nibbling something…

Here you can see practical storage space next to the window

colorful great home furnishings flower pot

It has converts the lodge in a guest room and see the beautiful result, pictured here

colorful great furniture seating area Strip mattress

Here you can see an oversized postcard, bookshelves on the roof and other interesting additions.

The rug is from the Scout’s by Chris and Chair was placed here on a wonderful vintage

colorful great home furnishings Chair Leather Brown

Core Pillow made of leather is located in the master bedroom. It’s the old garage.

colorful great furniture seat cushion leather Wall shelves

Here, the control unit shows wonderful book collections

colorful great home furnishings eclectic shelf table lamp

The large portrait of George Washington is a gift of the grandmother of Chris and the small is the work of a painter friend of the family

colorful great home furnishings painting artist

The headboard was covered with a reused piece of leather

Eclectic furnishings eclectic bedroom hanging lamp

The tables were covered with marble surfaces

colorful great furniture bedroom eclectic next table

The portrait shows the grandmother of Chris, which times Mayor of Rockland, has been Maine.

The cot is from IKEA. There are DIY and this made Chris himself

colorful great home furnishings nursery baby crib white railing

Would you not like to spend in this Wigwam of fully comfortable ceiling some time?

colorful great home furnishings eclectic outdoor tent

We conclude with the words of Frances itself:

“I’m surrounded with things like which have a meaning. You must belong to the design or the impression left. “, she says. “Together, all of these items make a very personal atmosphere.”

Great, really impressive! Isn’t it? colorful great home furnishings owner happy woman

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