Colors 2014 – The Green, Blue And Neutral Of The Year

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color scheme modern contemporary Home Office Office colors 2014

The starting point for today’s article represents the company Valspar, which has divided 24 shades in 3 different categories

They are called respectively: Zenergy, time traveler, and yours truly.

The colors of 2014 aim to secure a recovery for the spirit by returning to simplicity, to make reference to other cultures, and to create a sophisticated style through the expression of creativity. You can see that the words of themselves, the company Manager. The colors in each palette you can with unusually muted colours wonderful mix and with fresh, for the spring mix ready, artificial shades.

Here are my new favorite shades

Colors 2014

color scheme 2014 Blau gentle wave colours 2014

Most of us have nice associations with the aqua-blue nuances. For me, they seem like relics of late summer, if you spend much time on the beach with good books in hand.

I like the turquoise especially if they are bright and cool, and very happy to use them as accent notes

color scheme modern contemporary Home Office Office colors 2014

Blue and Orange are complementary shades. But here the case is different. The blue, there is talk of that here, contrasting wonderfully with the Orange hues of wood. Use them together to spread a lively and dynamic atmosphere. It’s the perfect color palette for the Home Office.

Give more personality by running the headboard in your favourite shade the bright and neutral bedroom

colors 2014 modern bedroom young urban white establishment

The cool shades tend to show a restrained character. That gives a more expansive character.

Night scape

color palettes 2014 Blau night scape Valspar

Night Scape is deep greenish blue, which is responsible for more elegance to the room. Remember how in a very adult green.

Here we see a similar, dark shade of aquamarine

contemporary floor Foyer wood door Chair

A very large effect can be reached also by only very small doses. Thus, if you wish, you could emphasize some wonderfully interesting architectural elements. In the picture here, I find the contrast between the dark, deep color of the door and the lively shaded Fuchsia carpet in the room.

Indigo is certainly the fashion currently

colors 2014 Indigo cloth Valspar's original set

Select always colors that you like and not those that are fashionable. The good thing about the trendy shades is that it is very simple to find coordinating fabrics and accessories in these shades. If you love sea blue and Indigo, it is good to seek out the right accessories.

Do you want more dark blue nuances in your room?

modern bedroom Headboard Bed blanket Blau Muster

I would use these picky and emphasize specifically that certain architectural elements. Here they brought to bear for example this headboard.

Dutch licorice is one of these colors, in which the designer simply fall in love

Dutch licorice colors 2014

For me, it looks like a blue purple gray black brown hybrid. In other words we have an exciting varied shading to do with, which will add a large dose of drama to the room.

Here we have a similar nuance to do with, which can be used as accent color

bedroom wall decoration frame Chair

A bit just from this deep, black beauty can be created with very much. I wouldn’t wear on them on all four walls, except I want to achieve a really dramatic effect. Here, people used these shades only on a wall, and has also yet to combining them with plenty of natural and artificial light. Still it has paired with bright neutral. We have to do, the effect of which is never too excessive with an extreme power pack.

Green – leaf bud

bud fresh interior design colors 2014 leaf

The spring green is becoming more popular and more and more often finds place in the Interior. We feel attracted, often to this fresh shades because they remind us of nature, youth and renewal. The nuance of Leaf Bud is a wonderful choice for houses in cold, cloudy regions, because they provide heat and energy.

Fresh and cheerful mood

facility kitchen island sink colors 2014

Here, we see a similar herbal nuance, which is a great choice for the kitchen cabinets.

Hazy jade

hazy jade colors 2014

Maybe you’d rather to prefer the melon Green? It features more blue and less yellow than leaf bud. So you made it to reduce the resonance and yet keeping up the Nice, natural mood.


I have viewed it as my mission, to get them to stop by the white, grey and beige people. There is nothing fundamentally wrong on these nuances and they deserve a significant role in the home range of the House. But I want to give people to perceive their use as course or mandatory.  Yes, it is easiest to paint, the whole House in Swiss coffee but they should sometimes think outside the box.

Blue arrow is for example an unconventional shade of neutral

blue arrow colors 2014

It’s a medium blauliches grey, which in themselves or with a partner can be highlighted. Paired it with many shades, the traditional for example bold and garish or just neutral.

Lacking in your House of natural light?

winter in Paris colors 2014

Maybe you want a lighter color for the majority of your walls. For those who live in a very warm climate, I would recommend especially the bright, greenish blue shades. The soft and gentle nuances lend a feeling of relaxation.

Here you can see a more neutral shade can bring a personal touch to your room

hazy Stratus currently neutral colors 2014

Can you define it? It is grey or perhaps blue? You can say it really is very difficult and the perception depends strongly on with the time of day and the light. This is a very dark shade, but it includes lots of white and stays so crispy and light.

The raw color on the ground strongly reminiscent of very this the ceiling and it comes in this dark kitchen quite strongly to the fore

contemporary kitchen marble surface chairs backrest

One of these variants enjoyed? Would you then decide on similar shades?

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