Combination Of Interior Styles – Clash Of The Interior Design Styles

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combination of Interior styles comfortable living room

Combination of Interior styles

Create the blend of two disparate looks, how for example contemporary and traditional, with many pairs of conflicts. The design compromise that satisfies both styles, is sent and the opposing forces have some of the most interesting and most satisfactory results. We have some tips on how you can also do this for you below.

Simplify and connect

combination of Interior styles dining room sofa white classic

In this eclectic rooms are contemporary and traditional elements in consistent (hopefully as good as the pair). Modern art and antiques in old world style can live together harmoniously with a bit of editing and discipline.

The success in this room comes as a result of the use of silhouette. If you have a piece of furniture with curves, such as the couch right, with coverage of a material in a color without a pattern to simplify it. In this case, the color of the painting emerges. The shape of the sofa ideal for shapes of the artwork and sets the tone for other traditional forms – such as when the Dining chairs.Choose General items such as the curved lines of the furniture here, to create harmony.


combination of Interior styles bookshelves House library

The architecture here, including the moulding and fireplace, represents the growing period of the House. To renovate this architecture, you stay with simple furnishings with clean lines. To achieve a modern atmosphere and create harmony.

The simplified forms are here in uniform color. The sculptural shapes of the furniture are welcome for those who like strong, clean lines and the traditionalists would enjoy the traditional structure.


combination of Interior styles wall mirror round white wall flowers

Yes, traditionally, but not fussy. Sometimes the best solution to satisfy the needs of both sides and to keep only a few pieces in a simpler device is. In a purely traditional room there is pattern overlay and jewelry, the strict processing can achieve the very pleasant results.

Place the pieces to the side, without which you simply can’t live, and edit the rest. Take two three pieces and stop there. So you have your popular stuff and a modern minimalist style.


combination of Interior styles comfortable built-in fire living area firewood

This great example shows more than an eclectic mix, but the furnishings are very modern on a modern carpet in a traditional setting. You must follow some principles to do so.

Go of the pinned pieces out — in this case the chandelier and the mirror above the fireplace – as part of a structure and keep it traditional. If you select such pieces, opt for extreme different elements, or will the result be an ideas otherwise mess. The result would be interesting only under tension.For example it is not simply a traditional mirror in the gold frame, but the piece with the Baroque detail. The chandelier is also very dramatic. The chairs are undeniably modern. You can successfully enforce this mix, juxtaposing any modern piece of furniture with a traditional structure, taking into account the rule. This is a great opportunity to visit the next flea market and find some new treasures.

Enjoy the tension

combination of Interior styles carpet blue Chair white

Set the voltage on your project, rather than to keep them in your pair. Here we have the opposite of the previous examples: a very modern structure with traditional furnishings. Get out that with simple materials with one or two protruding pressure. Opt for a strong color like the excellent blue of carpet, to set the tone, and there the good mix is brave and simplified, with traditional hint.

Tell us whether there are still style dispute in your pair? What are the obstacles?

combination of Interior styles cozy rustic dining rooma blend of Oriental, traditional and vintage accents in the compact bedroom

combination of Interior styles comfortable bedroom

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