Cool Decorating Ideas For You – Creative And Affordable Home Design Ideas From The Flea Market

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Cool and inexpensive decoration ideas

Do you need ideas that will freshen up your home in the spring? Then, turn back from the big shopping plazas and settle down to the flea market in your area. With creativity and a little effort, you would have at the end of a House, which is just unmistakable reflect your personality.

Here you will need to spend not much money.

Immerse vintage bottles in white color
decorating ideas living room set design ideas sofa coffee table

This is so simple, yet so beautiful! Small glass bottles can be found easily in many vintage shops. This clear or blue glass can be just as good. Dip a small amount of white color in each bottle, tilt and rotate until you achieve the desired look. Let it dry completely before you apply them. They will probably already be pretty enough for your taste, but you can fill them with dry or fresh flowers. You may drink but never from this!

Make a stylish rural design in the backyard

decoration ideas garden ideas garden furniture seating design

Old, weathered double bed frame, backrest and chairs can be found very often super cheap. Those who come home difficult in use, could look fabulous in the backyard. Place new requirements on the old seats, use colorful textiles according to your taste!

Create unique lights from old fishing nets

creative living ideas decoration ideas light fishing net crafts ideas

The lights here were created by talented professionals. But by far this does not mean that you can not try out your skills. Get a set of lights in the accessories business and it add a terminating network. Just make sure that the frame has been secured and at a suitable distance from the light bulbs.

Provide a vintage look with the painted table legs or strips

creative living ideas decoration ideas interior design ideas living room sofa

The same thing, what was once hand like an old, used wood in the second business, can look super chic with fresh white color. Similarly, it would happen with a table with a nice shape, which originally has a horrible color. So one has to transform into this room and see the fabulous result now! Within a weekend, you can do the same!

Use a map of the school as a vintage cover for the TV

creative living ideas decoration ideas world map retro style

Looking for a creative way to cover the large black box, if you do not watch TV? Try to hang such a card rolls based on demand or makes up. We can do this with a pull of the wire!

Upholster the chairs new thing linen and blue jeans

decorating ideas living room furniture interior design ideas fireplace sofa Chair

Here we see another idea from the same creative house owner in Portland. Here, we have to do with an inexpensive upholstery material. Keep the old jeans of family, instead of throwing them out. Alternatively you can purchase in the second hand shops. In the coffee shop, you can ask for thing linen!

Use old post boxes as self storage

kitchen set up storage ideas interior design ideas decoration mail box

If they hang on the wall, rather than that they are mounted, is a series of such entirely original storage units. Hang them in the kitchen and use the space inside. You can place this in the entrance to sort incoming and outgoing post.

Bring an old door in use

decorating ideas living room wall decoration vintage old wood door

In its peculiar way, the old door, which was carried out in a beautiful shade, makes a wonderful work of art. You can pull a thread between the holes, where there once were glass and this use as a message center.

Hang a group of mirrors of various kinds

dining room dining room decoration ideas wall decoration with mirrors

Can you find not the right mirror for your room? Make a collection of vintage mirrors. Concatenate them and they will look like as if they are been designed always for each other even if they have different surfaces.

Hang special glass box for training on the wall

dining room dining room decoration ideas wall decoration

So anything can serve as a bizarre and subversive art installation. For this, choose simple frame! So a work will occupy a substantial part of the surface of the wall and will serve as a wonderful start of talks.

Filling You the bar shelves on ancient latte cushions

mural Wall shelves from wood crates living ideas

The arrangement of the old bed pillow is especially appealing. Hang it behind the bar or on the kitchen work surface. These shelves serve as rural work surface for your best bottles and a set of glasses.

Convert a gumball machine into a lamp

decoration ideas living room floor lamp yourself make craft ideas

When using the cable set from the hardware store, you can convert the vintage lamp in a single work. If you feel not so convenient at work so, ask an electrician for it to install them.

Theater chairs next to the dining table

dining room dining table chairs decoration ideas

Old metal and theater chairs, which come in order, serve as a fun alternative to the bench seating at the dining table. And because the seats must be folded out, you can lean it on the wall. So you have ready for unexpected guests!

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