Cool Interior Design Ideas For A Relaxed Atmosphere At Home

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How to convert the House into a personal haven

It is summer and our thoughts turn more and more to holiday, vacation, leisure and travel. Even if you travel somewhere, it comes back with the idea to bring a bit of the holiday mood with home. Often, you will so quickly in previous patterns of work, that you simply forget the free days of rest and relaxation.

Make more than a place to stay out of your House. It should really be your quiet Harbour! Why choose you not to fill the House with memories of the beautiful vacation days? Surrounded himself with special touches which charge us with energy and enhance our creativity.

Read on for helpful advice and tips.

Cool interior design ideas – start with the design of the outdoor area

Which is your first Association, if you think a personal getaway? This term to bring an outdoor lounge into consideration? Make your own niche for relaxation on the veranda, balcony or in the lobby by a couple of folding chairs.

Fold-out chairs

cool interior design ideas patio design folding chairs Terrassemdielen wooden Pergola

What’s with a plant, which provides inviting atmosphere in front of the entrance of your home? She can make a big difference. Tropical greenery will forcibly take in a more relaxed mood.

Welcoming atmosphere in front of the entrance

cool interior design ideas outdoor design Garden House

Do you live in a part of the world where tropical plants grow not at all or not good? You should be aware that well thought-out arrangement of plants will contribute to the creation of your own secret garden.

Well thought-out arrangement of plants

cool interior design ideas and gardening ideas plants

Here we see a DIY curtain for pergolas from the blog beautiful mess. It immediately reminds us of privacy and sun protection. Thus you successfully provides a holiday atmosphere in the backyard.

DIY curtains for Pergola

cool interior design ideas outdoor terrace shapes wood Pergola

There are the so-called “high season” in your region? At this time, the time spend is out there comfortable and refreshing. Create your own dining area, where you can enjoy the meals in the fresh air outside.

Outdoor eating area

cool interior design ideas outdoor garden dining room In the free table decorations

Bring outdoors inside

Do you want to learn a proven method for transforming your home into a personal haven? Here it is: imagine vividly the equipment of your dreams, then take the elements that (intellectually or real). Do you want an example?

Think of a private outdoor spa. Bring some elements from the outside area in the spa room, such as green or pebbles.

A private outdoor spa

cool interior design ideas Spa Ralaxen relaxing garden pool

Do you have an outdoor area where you can enjoy the views and reduce your blood pressure? Surrounded with artwork to make it more noticeable feel of the width.


terrace design cool interior design ideas lounge furniture sofa cushions

Do you want a kitchen in the outdoor area for food preparation?

Here is an idea from West Elm

bar soft drinks cool interior design ideas outdoor figures

Bring the feel of the outdoor area inside by filling up the room with fruit and other fresh produce.

Room with fruits

small kitchen design cool interior design ideas wood flooring laying

Moving inside the outer space after, you can feel the connection to nature up close and to better enjoy. This can be done regularly without that temperature and weather conditions this play an essential role.

Your own private spa

We have pointed out several times on Freshideen, that the connection to nature helps to create a personal retreat from the home. Would you know a more strategy which makes possible the quick recovery? Ensure that a spa style at home! How can you do better that than by a few seats to washroom. Below we see Barcelona day bed by Mies van de Rohe. You have no room for a larger seat station? Try it with a Chair suitable for dressing tables.

Create a personal retreat from the home

marble wood glass interior design ideas Spa relaxation massage bed jacuzzi bath

Here we have a tropical arrangement of plants. It’s like this in a Hawaiian resort.

Don’t shy away from the height and drama!

modern bathroom floor tiles for interior design ideas light

The laundry room below reminds us of the beneficial effects of the beautiful views. Maybe have a Green Garden right next to your bathroom window, but you always some visually appealing details could add how about great topiary. This set up so, that you have a view on this, while you enjoy the bath.

Green Garden right next to your bathroom window

modern bathroom floor tiles glass wall interior design ideas

Note one: clutter is always contrary to the relaxation. A corner covered with care products never promotes the feeling of peace and tranquility. Create a room with clean look that promotes the enjoyment of crowded rooms and simple life.

Room with clean look

marble wood glass interior design ideas Ralaxen Spa relaxation

A bedroom in holiday style

At the end we want to introduce a collection of bedrooms, which promote relaxation in holiday style. We start, that the tropical nuances never disappoint us. The luminaires differing in their look provide below for another level of relaxation.

Relaxation in holiday style

cool interior design ideas outdoor Garden pergola outside bed canopy bed

Which is your favorite color? Why do you delete not your bedroom in this? Don’t shy away from copious nuances, such as aquamarine. If you phrase your color preferences, you will provide joy and decadence.

Bedroom color ideas

cool decorating ideas bedroom wall color design interior design ideas

Forget not the importance of details such as discreet light and comfortable cushions. Both features personalize your space and provide peace and relaxation.

Discreet lighting and comfortable cushions

cool bedroom wall design interior design ideas

Are there images which spread a calm atmosphere at your home?

Create a gallery wall with your favourite images

cool wall decoration interior design ideas photos

We hope we have given you many good ideas for transforming your home into a personal haven! Isn’t that right?