Cool Interior Design Ideas For A TV Over The Fireplace

TV above the fireplace decorative fire

TV above the fireplace: what do you think?

Have you noticed that an ever more common solution for the interior design is the TV above the fireplace? This is resulted, including the fact that the models are always lighter, thinner, and chic.

Instead of great works can be placed so device over the fireplace mantle also a TV thanks to modern minimalism.

TV over the fireplace

TV above the fireplace Chair

Partition in the middle of the room

TV above the fireplace Cabinet living room

Traditional living room furniture

TV above the fireplace wall

Wooden beams look here yet modern

TV above the fireplace wood-beamed ceiling

Wood Panel on the wall

TV above the fireplace wall decoration

Built-in lighting

television indirect lighting the fireplace sofas grey

Compact living room

TV above the fireplace rug blue

Completed upholstered sofas with loose cushions

TV floor lamp shine fireplace stair railing

Balancing benefits and disadvantages

television traditionally sofa Chair grey traditional fireplace

Do we discuss the functionality from the aesthetic? As you probably can guess that, the positioning of the TV above the window brings a number of problems with it. According to experts you should choose this solution for a media niche with their own doors. The variant turns out as cheaper, to install the TV unit to the wall or on a plate and that will give you the chance to tilt it a bit down.

You must plan the best from the outset when placing the TV over the fireplace

Brown warm colours TV fireplace table lamp

Ceiling lighting and wooden ceiling

TV robust materials fireplace furniture ideas

The latter is especially with regard to very important for your health. So, you will experience no tapping neck pain every five minutes. Continue to secure itself a good image quality therefore, because you can see the most flat screens best from certain angles.

In addition, you can opt for a narrow, rectangular fire pit, which in turn can make lower to place the TV.

Bottom line, you must consider the following factors: 1 the heat radiation from the fire place, 2. the necessary distance between the two, and 3. the wiring of the TV.

Natural stone fireplace wall

TV stone wall, free standing fireplace large room

Leather sofas and armchairs

TV wood flooring fireplace wood ceiling window

Shelf Cabinet  in addition to the fireplace wall

TV above the fireplace black wall decoration brick

Room divider with marble tile adhesive

TV curtains grey fireplace sofa yellow

Kitchen island shows brilliant surface

TV red tulips spring fireplace hanging lamps

Bright, welcoming atmosphere

TV free-standing room divider fireplace white sofas

Coffered ceiling

TV above the fireplace design

There’s no better place for the TV as the bedroom

TV above the fireplace window tag

The higher you place the TV on the wall, the distance between the device and the seating area must be greater. So an idea can save you plenty of space, but it may be that it is not the best solution for the narrow bedroom.

Positioning the TV directly above the fireplace into consideration should be in small spaces so. So, you will achieve a great and perfect in terms of the image setting.

By placing the fireplace and the TV on the same wall, you create an extreme swivel and pivot. As you will see from your bed, television, tension in the neck is no longer an issue.

Ceiling with wooden panels

TV above the fireplace warm interior design

Note in this case, seamlessly writes up the TV in the accent wall and that it has some things in common with fire. Before you make a final decision, you should check its management, the supply system, the corners and aesthetics the Monday way tools in terms of difficulty. Only then you can make a reasonable final solution.

Some Wall shelves or great wall art pieces charm an additional fireplace and TV combination

TV Wall shelves built in fireplace lighting

Fashion themed bedroom wall

TV bedroom bed fireplace Orange ambience

Sitting by the fireplace – armchairs and leather table

TV above the fireplace beautiful curtains

Rustically furnished bedroom

television beamed bedroom fireplace beige wall

Cool, monochromatic ambience

TV above the fireplace flooring

The magic to take out

TV above the fireplace modern pillar

Do you have a spacious home? In this case, it probably won’t be a problem, to allocate separate places the TV and fire place. That might even be the better option. The always popular idea with the combination of an elegant fireplace and TV is suitable for comfortable guests, entertainment, or family rooms.

Still this would be for you if you are planning a Pergola engrossing gazebo next to it in the pool area. These would then represent the single Rotary and pivot. Because the most exterior area amenities with a fireplace as the central point are designed, the TV really represents the best option to combination.

Outdoor recreation area

TV above the fireplace area

Massive canopy

TV canopy wood fireplace freestanding partition

At the end we would give you like to add a few more precautions: check the vent system before installing the fireplace. Pull the construction a coat in consideration, to control the train of the wind, thus protecting the TV device.

Ultimately you may not only therefore decide to such an important decision, like combining a fireplace with a TV, because the cables are already there.

White leather chairs TV black wall mounted TV fireplace wardrobe

Large veranda

TV veranda patio fireplace open veranda

Rattan garden furniture set – stone fireplace

TV rattan chair table fireplace furniture stable

Free-standing partition is equipped with a fireplace and TV

TV stone freestanding fireplace tile splitter

Comfortable seating area outside

TV sofa pillow wood fireplace textiles stained

Roof window lets daylight flood

TV seating area table sofa over the fireplace window