Cool Interior Design With Individuality In An Accessible House Built In 80 Years

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cool interior design with individuality eclectic living room

Cool interior design with individuality

Raven is Laurie and Bruce in a House with a great garden in New England, which was built in 1870. For 14 years, the couple has renovated the House and individualized, so that it can meet the needs of the family. For one of his daughters, who has multiple disabilities, a lifting system has been installed.

View of the House

Who lives there: Laurie and Bruce r, daughters Olivia and Elloise, and dogs Tizsa and LunaLocation: Norfolk County, MassachusettsSize: about 460 square meters; 5 bedrooms; 4 bathrooms

Laurie cheerful mural in the family room painted with acrylic paints

accessible designer House with individuality eclectic deployment residential corner

The cushions on the sofa were hand shaped and pressed with Jennifer Clayson.

Laurie uses technology, smoothness, to bring a rustic, Tuscan design in the family room

cool interior design with individuality murals wallpaper

The flower stencils and leaf forms contribute to a uniform, wallpaper-like look.

Many of the pieces of furniture in the room, such as the Red stools and corner Cabinet, come from Brimfield antique show.

Especially popular are art nouveau and crafts design style

cool interior design with individuality fireplace wall plate yellow

The wall paintings are mainly inspired by magazines, historic wallpaper, paintings, ceramics, fabrics and artwork from the past. The love of flowers is represented also in the works.

The kitchen was originally narrow, surrounded by three large pantries

cool interior design with individuality dining room kitchen cabinets

The couple has demolished these facilities and integrated it into a new, large kitchen.

She is now the most popular room by Laurie. Sure, the kitchen is the heart of the House, where the family spends most of the time. Laurie cooks like her larger daughter here. The room is comfortable with the sofa bed in the corner, the swing in the middle and the other unique elements and comfortable.

The former pantry cabinets were hung on other walls

cool interior design with individuality kitchen wood cabinets

The copper was also kept kitchen sink and a Carpenter has built a cherry wood countertop from the parts of the pantry.

A recycled fitted stained-glass window was installed for light and air in the wall. The wall panels were laid out with antique tiles and the walls have been covered.

Laurie cherry colors and patterns has painted the walls around

cool interior design with individuality shelving books sofa

As the family spends much time in the kitchen, the sofa to relax there was installed.

The swing was installed for her daughter Elloise

cool interior design with individuality swing Sun flower pattern

In the winter time, it is also a possibility of activity.

A craftsman was commissioned with the renovation of the old black stove, 1885

cool interior design with individuality classic ornaments black

He was in a bad state and now is burned as wood, what I like Luna the dog.

In the heart of the House the family converses with friends

cool interior design with individuality eclectic kitchen blue

It is located next to the garden and swimming pool in the summer, and in winter close to the wooden tray.

The master, who has renovated the stove, has sold a restored stove of the 20 Laurie and Bruce. Now it is operated gas and electricity

cool interior design with individuality eclectic kitchen shelves white

The Red living room of the family is mainly used in winter for entertainment and parties

cool interior design with individuality eclectic living room

Every year they make a 3 metre-high Christmas tree and there celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

Many of the pieces in this room are purchased by Brimfield antique store. The Red Horse on the mantelpiece is a gift from a friend, bought by an artist from Amsterdam.

Many of the rooms on the first floor have floor, so they are more accessible for Elloise.

The hand-painted Indian box was from a shop in Brattleboro, Vermont bought, and serves as a storage option and coffee table

cool interior design with individuality eclectic living room red flower pot

Turquoise Blue complement the Red splashes on flower pot, Bowl, lamp and vase anywhere in the room.

An antique ladder works stand as flowers and is a great alternative to a table

cool interior design with individuality Red Wall decoration flower pot sofa

Although the formal dining room has very large Windows, the room gets very little daylight

cool interior design with individuality curtains patterned Brown living room

So, the family when burning candles celebrates what accentuates the historic charm of the building.The warming of this large and old House is expensive. For energy saving, Laurie bought the Windows with blankets instead of curtains, from Garnet Hill, pine cone Hill, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, April, from Cornell. You have good insulation in winter and summer.

At the beginning, this room was used as a Home Office. It was very dark and clad with panels of the 60-ies. It was a hard work for Laurie, to give the room a Scandinavian feel.

The family has removed the panels, the Italian marble mantel was rescued by the white paint to reveal its natural beauty

interior design with individuality wall design candle holder

The dining room also characterize pretty plaster moulds

cool interior design with individuality curtains curtains pictures

Through the dining room, you will reach also the bedroom by Elloise. It was made a hole in the ceiling and a free standing lifting system, called Minivator, was installed in the corner for direct access to the bedroom by Elloise above.

cool interior design with individuality green wall white establishment

She was only 4 years old with the purchase of the House, and her parents knew then that she may never walk or care. So her room next to the bedroom of the family was determined, and demolished the wall between the bathroom and bedroom for easier access.

cool interior design with individuality green bathroom wall

In establishing such standard room requires thinking not only on the person, but also to the people who maintain the daughter. It was painted in a bright, cheerful green. The ceiling with flower pattern instead of curtains keep warm the room.

Laurie and her other daughter, Olivia, love flowers and nature

cool interior design with individuality bedroom comfortable

As Laurie in Olivia’s room painted a mural with fairies, flowers and birds.

interior design with individuality eclectically designed stair railings next table

In the cabinets on the second floor there are the handmade pottery by Olivia, the walls are decorated with works of art.

When buying a House, one must think of all family members. It was said the family many times that they should buy a two story farmhouse because Elloise. But they found a House that meets the demands of all.

The House is located near the town centre, which has ensured a high degree of flexibility for Olivia – she could go to the library, buy small things, and briefly converse with friends without having to drive.

For accessibility and a relaxing environment out there to create, they have restored the veranda

cool interior design with individuality eclectic veranda seating

Laurie and Bruce have worked constantly in the last 14 years in the House. Many of the projects have conducted themselves, what has lasted longer.

A new driveway was built in front of the House and a brick walkway was added for accessibility

cool interior design with individuality outdoor grass walk

In front of each entrance there are loose brick ramps, also from the kitchen to the pool, so that Elloise easily in and out can go

cool interior design with individuality exterior door

The pool and the garden around bring lots of joy and therapy all summer long. The heated pool was built to treatments for Elloise, a hydraulic lift makes the water easily accessible.

The space around the swimming pool is the ideal place for entertainment in the outdoor

cool interior with individuality outdoor paved

With fabric paint Laurie the parasol drew out there – an extension of the wall paintings in the House.

interior design with individuality garden built pool

The fountain was originally with the lion’s head and should ensure water for the horses

cool interior design with individuality design outdoor garden

Laurie and Bruce have built a wall, so that they can hear the splashing of water from the kitchen.

Raven loves the history of their city, the people, the easy ride to Boston (with well-developed medical services) and the rest of New England family. Many of their friends stay close to and support them.

Parasol offers thick shade in the outdoor area

cool Interior Esign with individuality outdoor umbrella

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