Cool Small Apartments – Designer Tips For Modern Of Interiors

cool small apartments red accents white wood flooring facility

Cool small apartments – designer tips for modern interiors

Four creative design proposals for small apartments

How do you make the most out of a small, narrow apartment? By far, the lack of space does not mean that you have to sacrifice style and comfort.

Thanks to the ready range of creative designs and architectural solutions, even a very small apartment can be a comfortable place with the necessary premises and areas.

Compact apartment designs – 25 square meters

cool small apartments red accents white wood flooring bedroomThese 25 square meter apartment in Paris consists of bedroom, living room and kitchen, and a separate bathroom. Of the SWAN, architect designed, includes a red-white color scheme and wood floor the apartment. The room is divided into a living area and a kitchen through a free-standing wall

The bedroom is separated from the adjoining living area and the kitchen through a transparent wall of shelving. The wall near the entrance was transforms into a storage room.

White built-in cabinets – red door cool small apartments red accents door minimalist Setup

41 square meters – blue cabinets and put inside a pull-out bed

Cool small apartments Blau built a closet pull-out bed

This 41-square-metre apartment designed by normal projects . It includes a blue system, which includes a bed, storage space and a fold away bed (it can be used for Serviern of food and work on the PC). The system is also connected to the kitchen area.

The small studio apartment can include all necessary areas and much more

cool small apartments Blau Cabinet mounted folding table dining area

Adds a strong color accent in the room into the bright blue color, and separates the kitchen from the living room

built-in cool small apartments blue sofa bed frame wood

57 m² apartment – white furnishings, urban interior

cool small apartments white furnishings modern pure ceiling lighting

su11 architecture + design has created this stylish and futuristic design of this 57-square-meter apartment. The modern apartment includes a small kitchen with a wall with storage space. This storage area is used in turn as a connection between the kitchen and the living room, which also serves as a living room and bedroom. The clean, minimalist design includes a built-in storage space, lighting and wooden floors.

Living room also serves as a bedroom

cool small apartments sofa bed soft comfortable mattress pad Red Chaira small kitchen with a wall with storagecool small apartments red white wood kitchen area

29 square meters apartment – nice apartment in the attic

cool small apartments white Orange equipment window attic

Orange pads in the dining area look attractive and positive

cool small flats white Orange furniture pads comfortable window this compact, 29-metre apartment on the top floor, designed by MAFF looks futuristic and very compact. The bed area can serve as a dining area and can be converted into a mini kitchen.

cool small apartments black flooring bathroom loft there is a separate bathroom