Cottage Style Decorating – Traditional And Classic Meets Each Other

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Country house style – traditional and classic meets each other

It will be about modern living trends 2014 – but also classic styles will find their way into the apartments. For example, facilities, living wood – this makes them timeless. The natural material is announced at the residential developments for years, the country house style belongs to the coziest trends. The upcoming Easter is also a very good opportunity to equip their homes with new pieces for many. After all, some dealers offer special Easter discounts or sweepstakes. The country-style finds in the redesign of the home more and more attention, and this not only because of the timelessness of wood: in this facility, it can recover well from the stressful everyday life of the city. The country house trend goes also with the time – the classic solid cabinet wall, which can make look a room quite small, is for example, no longer pertinent for this style of living. The following describes what to note is in the material search and the decorations for the apartment to get the cosiness of Landhaus style.

Cottage style decorating- Natural Materials ensure a rural feeling

country house country style decorating ideas living room ideas

Orchards, shady forests and sparkling lakes – most people connect this with the country. This is difficult to achieve in the city. With natural materials, the style of country house villas can be implemented but also in an apartment. Wood, rattan, stone, ceramic, and clay are key to this distinction. A wood floor in the living room and the stone tiles in the kitchen are also not uncommon, so in many cases the ground must not be changes. The furniture should consist of but also materials that, namely best natural. He thick lacquered wooden table not the style of the country, so that by the natural patterning, nothing to see more matches. Especially the porch furniture will fit very well to this type of facility. Who wants to have a wood table and wooden chairs, can rely instead on rattan. Especially for balcony furniture, this is a very nice material. The couch must do not exist in a country house style from the mentioned materials – these are, after all, not very comfortable or soft. For upholstered furniture, cotton, linen or leather are very well suited to carry on the style. For the purchase of new furniture works well with the search in the Internet. The furniture shops often offer discounts that do not exist in the shop on the spot; Source gives customers at its first order, for example, 15 euro and from a value of 75 Euro shipping costs be adopted all buyers.

Decorations in the country house style

country-style decoration ideas Cup flower pattern

Without the proper decoration furniture does not provide alone the typical rural flair. Here a break in style is also very well possible: the modern variants can be connected very well with the classic country house decor: vintage, Shabby Chic, or the worn look are good ways to design the apartment modern, but still maintain the style direction. These terms refer to decorations and pieces of furniture that look old and used, or actually are: faded colors and rough surfaces give a modern look so old and traditional furniture. For colorful accents the decoration with porcelain however better suited. This can be used in a glass display case very well as eye-catcher. To keep the style, are the best flower pattern on the dishes. The pieces should be also Petite, so that they offer a good contrast to the rather rustic furniture. This set up will visually easier, and the feeling of a summer cake Board on the land can move in a city apartment. To further expand this feeling, green is very important also in the apartment: fragrant flowers and fresh branches form a central point in this style of living. The watering can, to maintain the plants, can also very well the establishment of fit: zinc or copper are excellent metals for the country house style. A watering can in this Optics is therefore at the same time a useful tool and a beautiful decoration, which gives the apartment a little nostalgic flair.

The choice of color for the living style

kitchen in natural country style decoration ideas

Fresh pastels and natural colors are in the apartments are furnished in a country style. In the design of the walls is to pay it attention, but also for the pieces of furniture should be taken on these colors. Who would like to have a pattern, can rely on pieces of Plaid or floral motifs, beautiful is reported. Suitable for colored accents red or dark blue – this should be saved but. A few a few pieces in these colours underline the rural style, too much of these colors can go under it. For example, a wall in red or blue can shine on a Pastel-colored wall. But a piece of furniture in a strong color, stands in the room is more to abandon the wall decoration.


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