Country House Style: Harmony And Romance For Every Day

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furniture rustic bedroom set up stone wall

Country house style: Which characterized this style?

What many people about the country house style do not know is that he has many different faces. In the first place, he has as purpose to reflect the colour of the rural regions. This look but just different around the world. What is common to them all is that they bring a certain romance and nostalgia for “the good old days”.

Very simple interior design in the rural style

furniture cottage-style open design living room dining room

Great rural bedrooms

furniture country style interior design ideas bedroom

Leather sofas and beautiful fireplace interest of stones

furniture rustic leather chair living room fireplace

Countries in which the country house style is used

Probably, there are no countries where is the country house style not of major importance. But in some, it is just more popular than in others. Russia, Europe in General, and the United States have their own traditions in it. But, as in all areas of the “fine livings”, the Italian and French traditions are particularly popular. They are known in the world of design, under the designations “Provence” and “Tuscany”, depending on the respective provinces.

Class and authority

It would be interesting to know why just these two national styles are so popular. The answer is that show each refreshing Mediterranean aura associated with style and class.

Stylish and comfortable

country style interior design ideas living room dining area

Characteristics of the rural style

Characteristics of the rural style, after which it can be distinguished, are mainly natural materials, which are very widely used. We believe that especially stone and wood. Also there is usually more abundant use of textiles in the decoration of all the elements.

The living room in country-style set up

country style interior design ideas Tuscany living room design

Universal country house style

Ultimately, at the country house style , you can choose, authentic to present a national tradition, or to opt for a global phenomenon. At the latter, you can serve virtually any from many different farmhouse models from around the world.

Country house style accessories

On a global level, ceramic and stylized textiles are very broadly applied currently in the country house style . Some rough fabrics can be used as for example straw, as decoration or in the form of curtains. Also occur often rough pattern such as squares and stripes. What is common between all of these is that they are rough and coarse. So they create a specific, inimitable style.

The rural style better bring out accessories

country-style living room set up fireplace

Unusual pendant lights over the cool coffee table

furniture country style living room set up cool coffee table fireplace

What’s interesting to furniture in a House with cottage-style ?

Typically, wicker furniture, large wooden wardrobes, beds with carved frames, just such small stool and side table can be seen in a House with cottage-style.

Comfortable country house sofa

country style interior design ideas living room coffee table coffee table rustic House sofa

Furniture with beautiful patterns are also typical for this style

furniture country style living room set table lamps stool

Furniture should look most exalted powers – in a rural style. You give the design a serious and serious character. Leather is very widely used in the upholstery. This is combined with wood, metal and stone.

Combine leather sofas and fireplace in the living room

furniture country style living room interior design ideas leather sofa fireplace

The Shabby chic style is country-style furniture in recent years a way. This fashion writes always good because it is romantic, even nostalgic, and at the same time elegant and stylish.

The living room look unique

Interior design ideas living room Shabby chic style Decorating

Create bright ambience

Shabby chic interior design ideas living room round rug

The colour design

The gross appearance of country house furniture is a certain balance in the “juicy” shades and nuances. The gentle and quiet pallets in gold, yellow-brown, black, red, cherry are typical. If you want to achieve even more inspiration, you look at medieval representations of painters, representing life in the countryside.

Select mild colors

furniture country style living room cosy interior design

The walls are usually monochromatic. The flower arrangements serve as rural accessories. This would combine the best green, blue, yellow and orange. Here, in the vases and glass bowls you can afford, to allow some mess of colors and objects. This is also very typical for the country house style .

Decorate the table with flowers

furniture country style living room set up fireplace cushion

The carpets

The rugs play a very important role for the right appearance of the rural style. Best models should be selected, which were woven by hand. The more a carpet imitates this effect and achieved, the better works the main message: “In this House is warm family atmosphere, like in the good old days”. However, the carpets with geometric figures and sharp corners pretty bad in the rural style sign up.

Decorate the bedroom carpets

rustic France bedroom set up carpets

The brackets

Actually, the hangers are accessories. But they have almost the importance of furniture in the country house style design. The best they should have been made of wood. The painting should rather be waived so that they can be rough.

Atypical to decorate the living room

country style interior design ideas France living room set up

The kitchen and the bedroom

When it comes to the nostalgia for the old family relationships, are the kitchen and the master bedroom of course, of fundamental importance. The furnishings must comply with their special role and significance in these spaces.

Create comfortable kitchen

country-style kitchen recessed lighting decorations

Put a chandelier as an accent

rustic France kitchen dishes exhibit

In the rustic style, the warm pastel shades should prevail in the kitchen. You can get the illusion for brick wall by wall-paper or other Visual deception. Kitchen cabinets should have been the best of wood. Making them colors then in yellow, green and terracotta. Colorful motifs on the walls are also common.

The bedroom

The walls of the bedroom in the cottage-style are typically very bright. They are commonly found in wood or metal and painted. The curtains are mandatory. You must represent color accents against the white background. A matching decoration vases with dry flowers would be in there.

Make majestic bedroom

country-style bedroom long curtains majestic design

Subtle colors for the bedroom rustic style

furniture rustic bedroom carpet runners Chair Dresser

Attractive rural style with white kitchen kitchen

furniture cottage-style kitchen set up chandelier

Beautiful combination of white furnishings and bright green walls

furniture country style Shabby chic style living room

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