Cozy Home Design — How It Feels At Home Happy

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How to well comes out with the neighbors and feel happier at home

How are your relations with your neighbors? These are also the case when you are jealous at the cheerful common parties in other districts, streets or blocks of flats?

Certainly is good relations with the neighbours of great importance for harmonious coexistence and there are a few simple rules by which one can get one.

1. be kind – cozy home fashion

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Give the effort that doesn’t show the bad temper you. Laugh at you and welcome you all as friendly as you can and soon all over your presence will be happy. When a new neighbor moves, you could demonstrate your friendly feelings through a small gift.

2. make too much noise

cozy home design contemporary living room noise

You should avoid the music and loud talking in outdoor areas after 9: 00. If you are planning a party, the neighbors should know and best are invited. If the neighbors have become yourself loud, you could knock on the door and kindly ask them to do something about it.

3. solve the problems personally

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Yes, sometimes it’s easier to write a note, but this can lead to many misconceptions: many people find very unfriendly to a deal and could then break the relationship with you. It is in your interest to maintain good relationships.

4. go to the pet responsible

cozy home design backyard grass dog animals responsible

Yes, it’s extremely annoying when the dogs bark too loudly or leave dirt on the lawn. If the one or two times happens, take a deep breath and let it be dear. If it is a consistent theme, then you should talk to the neighbors personally. How annoying you will also find the thing, you should have the power to say something friendly first and only then to address the problem.

Are unusual pets, how about chicken at your large to bring

cozy home design happy life outdoor nature pets

If you have a pet, then you should have much understanding for the feelings and the need to comfort of your neighbors, do not destroy the harmony in relationships.

Before talking to neighbors and discuss the potential drawbacks and the measures that must be taken.

5. show much respect in the common premises

You should keep your personal belongings in no case in the common rooms. Otherwise, these areas are uncomfortably crowded. You don’t want that or?

If your apartment through the wall on another directly adjacent, you should be very careful at the noise. Think of additional insulation by carpets and wallpaper on the wall.

Outdoors, you should try by fan to remove the odors from the barbeque or smoking.

6. the Atrium should be cleaned up

cozy home design wood fence garden plate foot Atrium

Must win no beauty contest here, but you could contribute the hidden rubbish and the clean look at least for the pleasant atmosphere through the well-kept lawn. Everyone will appreciate that.

7 adhere to the rules for the parking

cozy home design wooden facade fence garden area par King

You should, if possible, Park in front of your own House and never block the outputs of the neighbors. If the rule applies in your street, to Park, only at the one site you should also keep.

8. create a community

Actively provide for the development of good relations with the neighbors. Exchanging vegetables and tools. Help and accept help. Distribute generously many smiles! I wish you much fun with your neighbors!

cozy home design living room wall cladding wood of warm, inviting ambiance in the living room – elegantly decorated with traditional furniture

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