Cozy Window Recess Set

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Navy Blue upholstered window shutters window recess

Window niche furnishing ideas for your modern home

A real home is characterised in particular by cosiness, peace and security. And although family and visits can provide much enjoyment, you should find already at some time for themselves. Design your special spot in the House where you can sit relaxed or lie down and dreamy go outside look or read an interesting book. One of the cosiest such places is the window recess. She can be in the living room or in the stairwell, but also in all other areas and places in the House or the apartment set up.

Window niches are special areas in the Interior. You are not really sofas or beds, but also not just seats. You have it in themselves. No matter which style becomes a window recess, she wears a romantic touch, inevitably not find it?

Today, we show you 13 tastefully decorated window niches. All characterised by style and convenience and with its soft upholstery and pillows they seem comfortable and inviting. See all window niche designs and imagine, where would be the right place for such a cozy window niche you at home.

Spacious with many chic pillow

window niche Brown silk cushion drawer

Decorated with sea views

window niche wood linen beige single-fold pillow

Traditional and elegant in the stairwell

window niche In the stairwell of neutral colors

Inviting window alcove with shelves

window niche metal bed white green pillows retired

Delicious colors for the nursery

window niche Minzgrüner chair stool Orange pendant lamp

A luxury Castle

window niche stone walls striped upholstery

Joie de Vivre in Orange

window niche Orange sisal blinds recessed

Trend color bright Lavender

window niche pendant glass colourful pillows

The work relax in between

window niche celadon seat Office Chair

Picturesque minimalism by Cary Bernstein architect

window niche large window seat

Purist and colourful

window niche soft upholstery white linen

Solid neutral colors

window niche white couch cushions fireplace

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