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flower vases necklaces display setup ideas

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You have also a shoe box on the top shelf in the closet? Is she full of family photos, mementos and ticket sections? If so, don’t you find it used more than to the junkyard as a scrapbook?  Before replacing them against a storage tank, check out! A better solution could be right under your nose.

Here we have collected 18 unique ideas for storage, can be of benefit.

Useful and original interior design ideas

colorful plastic blocks kitchens original Einrichungsideen

A box of colourful plastic blocks might be a nice insert on any surface.

Antiques in the attic

plate porcelain interior design ideas solution order

You can use the most beautiful vintage gems as Juwelenhälter.

A tiered fruit basket in the bathroom?

keep stand idea original furnishing ideas solution vintage

Increase the sink area and keep the toiletries within easy reach.

Galvanized bucket and bucket

keep cool kids room interior design ideas bedroom

Galvanized bucket and bucket could facilitate the transition from the baby to the nursery. In addition, they are unbreakable and a cool alternative to the toy boxes.

Use a milk founders as an umbrella stand

keep hallway shoe box idea extravagant wall decoration

Currently I use a wrought iron umbrella stand, to hide the paper rolls in the guest bathroom.

Use a hanger as a bookshelf, it will delight every reader ring

store floor basket wall car magazines books roll

The vintage style creates a fun atmosphere in your game room.

Mismatched vases

flower vases necklaces display setup ideas

Properly fitted vases are a stylish way to keep the necklaces. Hidden wiping the half dozen in the cupboard and wear white lacquer for more chic.

Use it to store fruit in the kitchen towels in bathroom or letter paper in the Home Office

store bathroom cloth strips wall

The weathered wooden ladder can serve such as rustic shelf for your garden tools

store bathroom old wooden ladder book shelves

Orphaned drawers

store bathroom drawer Crib Toys

Orphaned drawers can place you under the bed and there keep your books or blankets.

A hanging shoe rack

store basket toilet utensils furnishing ideas

A shopping bag can also serve as a humble magazine holder

store bathroom bed and original furnishing ideas

These here are painted in Orange from IKEA

storing bathroom shelf toilet red

Spice racks can keep not only spices, but other things

Angel boxes are a great way to keep your art supplies in order

vintage rustic style Office desk stained paper

Antique, solid Cabinet for your bed covers

rural style Cabinet solid original furnishing idea duvets

Save stationery on the desk

desk stationery original furnishing ideas

Wall installations serve as open shelves made of cardboard

cardboard installation wall original furnishing ideaseclectically decorated home office Studio storage design

Our original furnishing ideas we have for you and your home specifically selected and compiled. Leave your comment below and let us know which you like best by these examples us…