Create Modern Kitchens – The Right Mood!

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Modern kitchens – kitchen design ideas in different styles

The modern kitchen facilities aims to achieve a maximum effect with minimal means. It’s up to the obtaining of the appropriate atmosphere. What room impressions and what are so modern in contemporary kitchens for mood? Below is our answers to them.

Modern kitchens have a minimalist look in most cases

modern kitchens simple white flooring lines

Modern kitchens – trendy furnishing ideas for small kitchens

modern kitchen lighting open living plan

Beautiful kitchen design in shades of beige

modern kitchen free standing kitchen island floor tiles

Disappearing in the room

Less area and always increasing demand for free disk space: One can formulate the drama of modern man in his apartment. The topic is currently also in the modern kitchen. We want to have enough work and storage shelves for everything, but nevertheless feel constricted. A possible solution is the built-in kitchen. So, the objects visually disappear in the background. That makes us feel of the width. This formula with bright shades and built-in furniture works best.

Built-in kitchen cabinets are modern and functional

modern kitchens white kitchen island-dark flooring kitchen cabinets

Dramatic lighting

Quietly keep everything simple, classic and neutral. Introduce a few dramatic lighting in your kitchen. You could hang around beautiful metal lamps over the kitchen island or over the dining table. Also, choose task lighting in the same style for your desktop. Maybe we can run also the window frames in a so that corresponding color or texture.  In this example, you will see how you can make just by the lighting concept for drama and excitement in your otherwise simple kitchen.

Extra lighting for the kitchen island

modern kitchen kitchen island lighting pendant

Spice up the Brown furniture by green

modern kitchens, built-in kitchen cabinets green accents flowers

Checkerboard tiles in a conspicuous colour

Should you need to replace the flooring in kitchen anyway? Take advantage of the opportunity for the complete transformation of the mood there.  The floor could be laid with checkerboard tiles.  One of the two colors can be particularly bright and flashy.  Orange is for example very suitable for the kitchen.  It brings a lot of energy and creativity. This fits with the mood of the family and friend meeting in this room during which one tries to stimulate the appetite for food and achieves better communication.

Kitchen in black and white

residential idea kitchen flooring ideas industrial look

Pair the urban with the industrial style

The urban, nor the industrial style have already particularly original. If both are paired but, it looks different. In this case, you achieve a bold design that creates unforgettable atmosphere in modern kitchens. Tip: Set accents with Naturdeko in green. You provide a very refreshing and invigorating contrast.

Metro tiles and black ceiling

residential idea kitchen industrial urban hardwood floors white metro tiles

Vintage or antique look

Complete antique or vintage decor, made with modern materials and high-quality processing, are also modern. Provide originality by nostalgic kitchen facilities. What do you think of the style of the 50s? Neutral and restrained he can be combined wonderfully with the latest installation technology.

Retro refrigerator and wooden accents

residential idea kitchen modern vintage beautiful flooring

Warm and casual

Simple, wooden floor, combined with bright kitchen cabinets of the same material and accented in Brown and metal. A facility has a simple, casual, but somehow just right, so that the whole family gathered here.

Wood furniture and wood flooring in the kitchen

modern kitchen light wood flooring kitchen island decorative stone wall

Emphasize the modern broadcasting, through the appropriate selection of the material for the countertops (natural stone in bolder hues) and by the gain of an atmosphere of airy and bright.

Patterned blanket

The original wall – and floor design is a method often used for the refresh of the kitchen equipment. However, how it looks with a beautiful patterned ceiling? Smaller or larger checkerboard or plaid pattern would be ideal. Pair a bright cool color. It is important that you perform one or several larger pieces of kitchen equipment in the same shade.

Modern kitchen with fancy ceiling

modern kitchen hanging lamps storage ideas

Kitchen with decorative ceiling

residential idea kitchen beautiful ceiling white set up freestanding kitchen island

Wood, mirror effects and ornaments

residential idea kitchen decorative ceiling beautiful flooring blue Setup

White kitchen with modern lighting

modern kitchen pendant white establishment

Trendy lighting for the kitchen

modern kitchen pendant light beautiful wall tiles dekoideen

Classic Interior in black and white

residential idea kitchen decorative ceiling wooden floors white walls

Very nice color effect

residential idea kitchen dark ceiling floor light decor pendulum light

Illuminate all the corners of the kitchen

residential idea kitchen pendant lighting kitchen island

Spacious kitchen with beautiful lighting and plants is considered a fresh kitchen

residential idea kitchen wood flooring kitchen floor belag lighting plant

Stylish color combination

residential idea food kitchen island open shelves white flooring

Accent lighting

fallen out residential idea food modern lighting kitchen island

Trendy hanging lamps create a modern look

pendant beautiful shine residential idea food modern kitchen island kitchen floor tiles

Modern design the small kitchen

residential idea kitchen modern... flooring of wood look black wall tiles

Wooden accents

residential idea kitchen modern vintage rustic wooden floors white furnishings

Combine green and yellow

modern kitchen of wooden room floor belag wood ceiling green kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen in the country house style

modern kitchen wooden beams floor tiles modern lighting

Issue books

modern kitchen of kitchen island books exhibit floor tiles

Modern kitchen with minimalist look

modern kitchen modern recessed light grey floor tiles

Make the kitchen bright colors

modern kitchen modern lighting flooring wood look bright kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen with retro radiance

modern kitchen retro look black wardrobes

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