Creative Living Ideas – Where With The Bike?

Creative living ideas – the bicycle as a striking decoration

Cycling is healthy! According to the healthy sports training where but with the bike? Your apartment is too small to be considered a special place for the bicycle, then you have the same problem as many other cyclists. Fortunately there is a solution then! Name is creative interior design!… A bike over the living room sofa or on the Mantel? Why because not?

To live on limited area requires practical solutions for more storage space. The bicycle wall mounts allow a very creative wall design with a large dose of practical thinking. The bicycle must be cleaned of course quite well before it is placed on the wall. Also in terms of safety, you should be very attentive. The load of the suspension and the weight of the bike should match, to avoid any danger.

creative living ideas storage space living room bike wall mount

Rather than convert the whole interior design, you could simply take into consideration, how to properly integrate the bicycle in the Interior. Looking for creative living ideas, how quickly and affordably enhance the interior design? What can be more creative as a wall decoration with bicycles? So, after a couple of hours cycling, you can park the bike without any concerns in the living room! This instantly turns into a real eye-catcher. This is not exactly the goal of the decoration: to attract attention? You will need a bike parking racks or a wall bracket.

If you would like to keep the bike in the living room or bedroom, you should be careful not to burden the Interior. No one wants a room full of furniture and objects. But you can put in scene a creative interior design! Hang the bike vertically or horizontally on the wall and save space. If this can not work in your own living room, you rely then on functional bicycle parking stand.

Even if it sounds strange you to hang the bike on the wall, we assure you that there is no innovative idea for keeping the bicycle. But as attractive as it was in the beginning! It is since ever trendy, but still an inspiring living idea! A fashionable trend in the interior design, which features not only the lack of space there, but also as creative interior design in the spotlight moves. Even if you have enough space for the bike, you could simply place your bike between the own four walls purely for design reasons. Bring your friends in amazement!

Hardly another living idea is more attractive than the wall design with bicycles. You also provide the additional Stauram, where the limited living space so urgent Budapest. : Quite clear your walls making a fabulous figure!