Current Fashion Trends And Their Implementation In The Residential Design

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current fashion trends ideas wall decoration with images proverbs

Some current fashion trends that we employ in the apartment facility

Fashion means very much for our company, as one can see on the red carpet and careers around the world. But the interesting thing is that these trends often faster reach our homes and not our wardrobes.

Let’s start with the colors. Everything one sees on the carpet, can be seen at the decoration usually shortly thereafter. I recognized some transition trends and share with love to you!

Fringe trend

The fringes are totally in this season in! You can see them in clothes and accessories such as necklaces, earrings and shoes. These examples include also other tendencies, such as metallic and bright pink colors. [Via Fashionising]

What is in vogue?

current fashion trends 2014 ideas fringe dresses

Make your own ice, use them as art or as a work of art. An example of this room here, you can see whose appearance is how female. You seem like a gentle touch in interior decoration, which completes the rest of Interior design through its neutral shades. Continue to enrich the texture of the room. [Via Lonny]

Wall decoration ideas with fringes

current fashion trends 2014 ideas fringe residential trends bedroom bed wall decoration

Here one has applied the same style of ice, but they seem much decorative. With fringes, it could create great DIY projects. Still you can attract home the attention on a particular area wonderfully so.

An easy DIY project with fringe

current fashion trends 2014 ideas fringe home trends wall decoration

Slogans and handwritten texts

Graphics on T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tops, sweaters will occur this spring and summer. Some people will be based on genuine brands and in other cases you will get to see made calligraphy by hand.

Align a clear message!

current fashion trends ideas dresses with Stampen proverbs

The allusion to the phrase Jadore von Dior is a very nostalgic mood. In gold, it’s the brand itself. The work of made by girl includes handwritten graphics with French slogans. This is another part of the trend.

Yes, you have properly recognized: French is back in!

current fashion trends ideas wall decoration with images proverbs


Pretty classic, the peaks reached a comeback at the gentle as well as with the dark shades. The fresh character of spring comes at the tips. The overall look is very feminine, no matter whether dark or light.

The comeback of the top

fashion trends ideas of lace dress

The net curtains can be warmer and nicer didn’t occur the spring breeze? I say, Yes! You will lose nothing of the light even with those aimed at those long, sunny days to your Windows. [Via my romantic life style]

With curtains like this it feels like in the spring all year round

trends and current fashion trends, Lace Curtains ideas

Is associated with top also the rural mood and romance. Simply fascinating, I find the combination of the two. Here we see an extra long tablecloth with tips, which provide extremely romantic mood. This applies particularly well when combining it with candles and flowers. The rough wood ensures a perfect dose of rural charm. [Via style me pretty]

The tip as table decorations

trends and current fashion trends, lace table decorations ideas tablecloth


We rarely thinking about the different layers in the clothing as something that you need in the spring. However, if one considers the potentially cold mornings and evenings into consideration, they are certainly nothing superfluous. The heavy upper clothes can be kept for the colder seasons, light, and seemingly like this here are simply perfect for spring.

Layers in the apparel

current fashion trends ideas layers

The wafer-thin pieces of the dress must be not solid. There is certainly no rule that says something. Why have you to have a little fun with polka dot fabrics behind the heavy curtains?

This combination looks gorgeous here. You create a carefree atmosphere in the room.  That’s what we need for the spring. [Via Pottery Barn]

current fashion trends ideas layers curtains ideas

The use of patterns is just as great as the playful handling of the materials. I like that these curtains differ very much from each other, but somehow represent the part of a common Designentwurfes. The fabric is so easy! Mixed with other substances, it contributes to the varied appearance. Through the multiplicity of aspects they are can enroll seamlessly in practically every room. [according to A Beach Cottage]

A lively mixture of substances

home trends latest fashion trends ideas layers curtains ideas

Cowgirl-inspired trends

Brown, leather, fringed and collar heads – are just some of the features which are associated with a Cowgirl. If we apply them all together, it is probably a bit too much. If you catch the right amount but, you could enrich your wardrobe without looking like on Rodeo.

Genuine leather in use

current fashion trends ideas Cowgirl leather belt boots

The use of old, worn leather belts as part of the decoration is folly. Maybe you will be not so hot on it, unless you see the vase here…

current fashion trends ideas Cowgirl of living trends decoration ideas leather belt

I especially like the textures of different leather types. The whole is also embellished by a mix of gentle flowers. These act as a contrast to the visible buckles. [According to the wither]

White and cowhide leather in combination with a cactus. This look is crying out for the South, looks but this still chic and modern. The Chair is still great. He represents a part of the Cowgirl theme by it was surrounded by Cowgirl accessories. The great thing is that you it actually everywhere use can. [According to modern findings]

A real gem

trends of housing decoration ideas wood and leather chair Cactus

Floral themes

This trend is not very surprising. What is special is that the flowers are represented this year in cool print off and mixed with other patterns. Be bold and opt for floral themes.

Summer dresses with flower pattern

swatch flower pattern current fashion trends ideas summer dresses

The cushion is anything as bold and meaningful

swatch flower pattern current living trends ideas pillowcase

The mixture of yellow to Emerald, pink and Red may look terrible as well as fabulous. It can be a wonderful pillow that can contribute for a color appearance in your room. [Via Whitlock and Co.]

The next picture shows my favorite patterns from the floral group. Thus, the bathroom became a very chic, luxurious room. The white and gold accents are particularly strong on this dark surface.

Patterned wallpaper in the bathroom

flower pattern current living trends ideas patterned Wandtapetten

The lights and mirrors fit perfectly. Although the picture is dark, the room easily thanks to the white feels “Popping”, which in this case are the flowers.

Have you puzzled because at some point seriously, how to use fashion trends to freshen up your interior decoration? Or do you think there should be any different? In all cases, we hope to have you inspired by the examples of too many new ideas.

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