Cushion For More Creativity In Interior Design

Chronicly decorating each other multicolored

Decorate creatively with cushion

Just as a creative work of art creates a bold statement on the wall, provides a cushion for a cool message on your sofa. Have you seen the gorgeous collection of artful cushion this spring on the market? There are so many unique colors and patterns!

It’s just hard not to be fascinated about the design possibilities. We, want to share our passion for Designkissen by Freshideen team with you today. We do this not only because the cushion are a cheap option for the de SIGNUM design. You can tone your designs convert completely, only with a small touch color and some beautiful patterns.

We wish you down a lot of fun watching the examples!

Geometric pillow

This is style above all about the GEO. This now brings us to the first selected picture here… One word: It is so yummy! Certainly, it illustrates the beauty of the combination of black and white.

Or we should rather speak of ice cream colors? These geometric pillows are powerful in their simplicity. For example, the black show mini stick cushions a look that is quite modern… A bit of the 80’s is now just right.

Decorations for any home

cushion its geometric shapes

The last LIVING special includes Maya cushion pillow is a, which you can see in the image below in second place from the left. Actually, the cushion create a celebration not only of forms, but also colors. Can you afford a new wallpaper or a carpet at the moment? Also cushion like this one will bring wonderful space.

Geometric cushion

Chronicly decorating geometric

The tribal style is still alive and you can experience it all at CB2. Selections such as Janey pillow form beautiful contrast to the minimalist geometric patterns. We have seen so many of these lately. The creation of a sculpture made of pillow is probably not a bad way to change the look of your home.

Striped and triangle pillow

Chronicly decorating living room sofa pillow

Striped pillow

Striped cushion if there is talk of strips, you can create a whole new line of neon at CB2. Yes, Neon is still alive and very useful.

Earthy hits on “Day-glo” in the sizing. This provides cushion colors like neon yellow, orange-red and green…

Neon striped cushion

Chronicly neon colors interior design ideas

We love the festive look of this brodierten Ikat Streifenkissens from Urban Outfitters. The structured strips show another dimension of design, don’t you find? Hesitate not afraid to mix the strips and each other artfully to customize how you did do it below in the room.

Colourful striped pillow for decoration

cushion decor Chair rug striped

Strip encounter geometrical patterns in these Crewel stripes pillows (Crewel striped cushion) from West Elm. At the same time are a creative conversation and a subject which really shoot your decoration to the target. And again: the three color palettes also tripling the possibilities in your room.

Stripes and geometric

Chronicly decorating striped geometric pillows

Pillow with marble patterns

We know that marble is super trandy in recent days. But we give priority from Freshideen love to have this material in recent years, the subsequent series of cushion in principle.

Below, we see examples of LIVING. They present the formal revival and provide a surprising dose of extra color. You can choose from the shades of rose, Curry and dusty blue. So, you can find the right shade for your room.

Marble patterned pillow for decoration

Chronicly marble patterned cushions decor

Here are some pillows from West Elm, which we have already presented in several contributions.


cushion from marble decorations

And you have always seen not Society6, yet! Get it on your enjoyment. Artists offer the best of their designs and you order the best of it – pillows, carpets, cups, graphics, T-shirts… cheap and absolutely modern, Society6 offers good opportunities many users with restricted budgets. Here we have some cushion from Simona Sacchi.

You can visit their website, click on the print you like, and then look at the pillow purchase options.

Simonas Sacchi marble patterned design

Chronicly art decor

Have some of today’s pillow attracted your attention? I adore still by Simonas Sacchi marble patterned design. It is so decadent!