Danish Design Provides Comfort And “Hygge” Feeling

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

Danish design furnishing ideas In the Hygge style

Hygge: the new doctrine of Danish design

A University has recorded the Danish concept of Hygge in the teaching program in the United Kingdom.  It aims to make the houses look nicer and to make people happier.

Surely, this goal in itself is nothing new. It is generally sought by all modern design concepts. What is doing the Hygge concept so special?

Danish design is fully in line with the trend

Danish design furniture cozy living Hygge style

The first is that Hygge from Denmark. People in this country have the ability to achieve comfort and happiness. As we but do not come from Denmark, let us consider this design concept and see what for new setup methods we can learn out of Hygge.

“Hygge” comes from Denmark

Danish design what should Hygge mean

Comfort and happiness in a cup of tea

Danish design cozy Hygge living accessories Teacup

Hygge is an attitude to life

The Danes spend many days in 17-hour darkness during the winter. In contrast to other countries with similar climatic conditions, people here rarely fall into alcohol dependence and depressive States. Quite the contrary! According to research, the Danes are the happiest people in the world.

Enjoy happy moments

Danish design furnishing ideas Hygge cosy moments

Hygge has perhaps something to do with? We think already. Hygge is a design concept, but also a lifestyle? It is a strategy that at home gives you plenty of room for the really important stuff.

Hygge – a synonym for contemplative moments shared with friends

Danish design of Hygge style

The establishment of Hygge is perfect for family and friend gatherings, as well as for nice conversations in front of the fireplace stove.

Hygge in furniture design

Danish design apartment In the Hygge style egg Chair

In search of Hygge in the Danish capital of Copenhagen

How does a Hygge look kitchen?

The design concept for the Hygge not related kitchen to a certain brand or modern technology. It enables, for example, to bake delicious pastries many pleasant things.

At home are all happy, if it isn’t it smells like cinnamon?

Danish design furnishing ideas In the Hygge style dining room

What is a Hygge-living room?

In the winter we often prefer to stay home. We have to get dressed also still warm here. We manage by Hygge despite these limitations to us feel somehow free. An exemplary concept of Hygge would include for example a carpet with many seat cushions. If you don’t then also great cotton socks, everything in the House feels cozy and comfortable in. You not only like to sit in front of the fireplace stove or prefer cuddling on the sofa in a rug. They run and sit anywhere like.

The living room sofa – venue for cuddly moments

Danish design blue sofa Hygge style

Hygge reduced the role of the social differences

The Hygge related concept with the investments in facilities. Little money can be invested in the right stuff – pastries, warm clothes and entertainment with friends. You can in turn have much and yet at home incorrectly set the accents.

Can you feel the welcoming effect of wood furniture?

Danish design apartment in Hygge style

So, the Hygge concept brings quite simply the pleasant side of humanity in the center of the Interior. This Danish design concept has a psychological goal so that it achieves a lasting feeling of comfort and happiness.

The role of soft home accessories in interior design

Danish design furnishing ideas of home accessories Hygge style

Danish Hygge

There are the typical Danish kind of Hygge. It includes for example the just mentioned cotton socks with patterns and the smell of cinnamon bread. It is worth to the Hygge examples in the Danish design style to look at and a lot it is to borrow.

Comfortable accents: sofa pillows, blankets, soft carpet, flowers

Danish design living room In the Hygge style

In addition, but individual solutions are possible, which have nothing to do with the Danish concept! Remember: you achieved a psychological effect.

Colorful decorative pillows for more comfort

Danish design furnishing ideas In the Hygge style living room

Finally, we want to just add that Hygge represents a rather wintry design concept. It tries to make the best of the cold season, we spend anyway most of the time at home.

Stage summer in your own four walls

Danish design furniture interior design ideas Hygge style

Houseplants refresh the atmosphere enormously

Danish design furniture interior design ideas Hygge style

Knitted seat cushions and soft skins

Danish design furniture wooden chest of drawers houses In the Hygge style

Pastel colours make the room appear brighter

Danish design and cosy furnishing ideas Hygge

Danish design apartment in Hygge style cozy corner

Designer furniture, conveying the sense of Hygge

Danish design apartment in Hygge style stuffed soft furniture

Living room fireplace

Danish design parlor furniture interior design ideas Hygge style

Creative wall decoration ideas

Danish Hygge design furniture and furnishing ideas

Egg Chair

Danish Hygge design furniture egg Chair

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