Decoration – 57 Ideas, As You Discover The Potential Of The Window Sill Window Sill

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Some ideas for the windowsill decoration and many impressive examples

The windowsill is often neglected in the decoration of the apartment. Actually, these small areas have huge potential. You can serve as a storage space, expand your work space, fulfil other functions, or but you can here put a decoration, which will serve as an accent in the interior design.

Window decoration – flowers are the first Austrahlt which comes in mind

dekoideen window sill narcissus flowers dekoideen

Window decoration – cacti Captivate views

windowsill decoration cacti plants room

Use the window sill as a storage space for books

windowsill decoration storage ideas rose Books

Space for more plants

Plants need light often and directly to the window they get much of it logically. The windowsill is a wonderful area on which you can distribute natural green accents. It could be flower pots or beautiful vases. The plant on the windowsill are a preferred solution for the modern apartment design. They serve as fine, but enough meaningful accents in a minimalist modern flat.

Grow herbs on the windowsill

dekoideen windowsill herbs make creative decorating yourself

Colored flowers are beautifully embellish your window sill

windowsill decoration coloured flowers in glass vases

Select plants that feel good on the window

windowsill decoration orange flower pots houseplants

You could select also hanging plants for the work

windowsill decoration plant dekoideen

A perfect lounge zone

There are also wider window sills. They can be planned so that they extend your real living space. There, you can set up a whole corner. Some attics the place even for a place to sleep is enough, at which you can recuperate afternoon occasionally. If you take the appropriate security measures, even the kids could play in between there. You will certainly enjoy it.

Make a recreation area on the window if you have the opportunity

windowsill decoration wide recreation corner fashion elegant

How to properly use the windowsill in the kitchen

As in the previous example, this has both a functional and a practical value. To win space in a small apartment, you properly use the otherwise tricky point from the window sill. For example, in the kitchen your kitchen sink can be straight there. If you make this post with more effort, she can serve also as an accent in your facility. Here is another tip: there employ some vases or flower pots. They will look first of all more appealing in this area and secondly, they will develop even better, because they are closer to the natural light.

Combine plant pots and ornaments

dekoideen window sill kitchen accessories plant

Bring something fresh in the dining area by green plants

windowsill decoration dining area dispersion plant

Decorate the windowsill in the kitchen with plants

dekoideen window sill decorate kitchen housing ideas planting

Thematic design window bench decoration

We humans like to look through window. You have somehow also a symbolic meaning for us. Windows are like some connection between us, our own world wide general reality. This is an unconscious Association, we always bring the light openings in connection. For this reason, our room decoration is very descriptive about how we perceive the world. Window decoration, which is dedicated to a certain theme, is very good for our individuality. Therefore, such work arrangements have also quite modern. You can choose your favorite theme or but Exchange decorations, which are dedicated to different seasons or ceremonial occasions.

Decorate with spring flowers

dekoideen window sill spring flowers

Decorate the window sill for Christmas

dekoideen windowsill Christmas festive

Decorate with creativity

windowsill Christmas decoration tap glass vases branches

Comfortable and good-looking storage space

Do you need in your storage area, which at the same time holds the important items in your reach, but also ensures that they are deposited at the side so that the seamless look not spoiled? Run the window seat in one of the main colors of your room. Store the items that you want to have readily available and would at the same time aside there.  If you arrange them sent not only gaining functional area, but also decorative nicely set up this area.

Transform the space around the window sill in an additional storage space

dekoideen windowsill plant bedroom airy curtains

Exhibiting books on the window sill

dekoideen window sill books nursery

A perfect workspace for Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui your workplace in a corner may be positioned. If you are working, should open in front of you a wide perspective, so that you can be creative and things look ahead. It is purely harmless of course meaning that you will have access to natural light as long as possible. You surely know what we also want: the window sill is a wonderful place for a great job. If he is creatively furnished and neat, he will also serve as decoration in the room.

Admittedly, we’re a bit from the topic. We have promised you work ideas, have written but above all about how you work best to the window sill. The thing is that this corresponds to the modern understanding of institutions. Purely decorative or purely functional solutions are not really modern. They are ideal if they serve multiple purposes. So are the just presented work ideas.

The window sill in the bedroom could also serve as a side table

windowsill decoration bedroom window plant bedding Strip

Give your creativity free space

windowsill plant decoration bedroom decorating pattern

Functional use of the window sill

windowsill decoration bedroom dekoideen Orchid closets

A sculpture would look great on the windowsill

windowsill decoration sculpture books flower pot

dekoideen windowsill plant funny creative Cardmaking ideas

dekoideen windowsill flowers colored fresh home ideas

windowsill decoration flowers candles

dekoideen windowsill of plants container name home ideas

dekoideen windowsill plant home ideas

decorating bedroom windowsill decorate spring tulips books

dekoideen window sill bathroom dekoideen plant pot

dekoideen windowsill plant creative

dekoideen windowsill plant rustic leather chair

dekoideen window sill folding furniture plant living ideas

dekoideen window sill shelf fresh plants container

dekoideen window sill recreation corner bedroom carpet comfortable

windowsill decoration kräter plant dekoideen

dekoideen sill dekokissen bedroom functional recreation

dekoideen window seat storage dekovase living ideas

dekoideen windowsill Christmas thematic work

dekoideen window sill living room decorating plant purple carpet

dekoideen window sill living room gray sofa plant

dekoideen window sill living room storage chest of drawers green wall color plant

windowsill decoration of room sitting area curtains beige interior

windowsill decoration flower fresh glass vases

windowsill decoration flowers white vase dekoideen

windowsill decoration glassware plant

windowsill decoration herbs dekoideen

windowsill decoration reading Raffen shade light blue walls

windowsill decoration lounge curtains bench

windowsill decoration plant functional jars

windowsill decoration creative decorating plant

windowsill decoration bedroom plant white walls roof-angled carpet

windowsill decoration dekokissen seat corner bookshelves

windowsill plant decoration wide home ideas

windowsill decorative potted plant cool light storage

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