Decorative Fireplace – Romantic Mood With Candles And Lanterns

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decorative fireplace Birch pillar candles lanterns glass collage

Create even more cosiness home with a decorative fireplace

Fireplaces are considered ultimate comfort objects in the Interior. It crackles and it smells like burning wood. It is warm and cuddly. We love this distinctive mountain hut ambience especially in the winter and especially over Christmas, when outside is wet and cold. Modern ethanol fireplaces have their charm. You advertise with a refined, minimalist design and perfect writing in the contemporary interior. How it looks but, if you have more desire for a decorative fireplace? Decorate your fireplace but and turn it into a source of romance.

Filigree metal decoration with pillar candles

decorative fireplace firewood Birch metallic candle holders

This item works best with candles. Yes, with many candles. There you can do little wrong. For all types of candles – of the tealight candles on the pillar candles are suitable to the long, elegant church candles. We recommend white ink. White candles look most artful and combined with any kind of decorative articles. Use firewood or best Birch wood as a decoration. You can drill holes in the wood and place the candles in there. Put the vertical pieces of wood and use them as original candle holders, what make the pillar candles and the tea. Wrought iron is also a very good idea. Old metal candle holders or sculptures with ornaments give the decorative fireplace a nice authentic touch.

Summer freshness and peonies

decorative fireplace mantel ornaments pillar candles white

Don’t forget to use the lanterns. Candle lanterns can be found in all possible styles. Depending on what a style you like, you can make together wonderful decorations. Complete with fresh flowers, sea findings or with green pine branches and cones at the end – depending on the season. Use our today’s collection as inspiration for your decorative fireplace and create even more comfort and joy of life in your home.

Firewood for decoration purposes
decorative fireplace firewood storage

Antique candlestick collection on the fireplace

decorative fireplace mantel candlesticks pillar candles

Rustic stone fireplace with lanterns and pillar candles decorated

decorative fireplace candles flower lanterns

Masterful Cirrus ornaments made of wrought iron

decorative fireplace Candles candle holder metal

Sophistication in the minimalist style

decorative fireplace candle holder white candles River stones

For real purists

decorative fireplace candles pillar candles white

Use Birch as original candle holders

Dekokamin Birch pillar candles lanterns glass

Your fireplace might look in the summer

Dekokamin candles white romantic

A successful fire imitation

decorative fireplace solid natural wood tea candles

Round stones, natural wood and lanterns

Dekokamin natural wood tree trunks tea

Medieval connotation in the living room

Dekokamin pillar candles white metal Lantern

Many lights and curved ornaments made of metal

decorative fireplace candles candles wrought iron Rankenornamente

Metal flame and candles

decorative fireplace candles-metallic flame

Stylish Christmas decoration with candles and lanterns

decoration fireplace Christmas decorations lights candles

Dek0 the Scandinavian style fireplace

decorative fireplace white brick wall Birch wood pillar candles

Very elegant look long, glass candle holder

decorative fireplace cylindrical candlesticks pillar candles white

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