Design Flooring – 55 Modern Ideas, How You Your Floor Laying

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Desigbodenbelag living room floor wood white curtains of round black table modern sofa

Design flooring – select what type of flooring?

The variety of options, as you can at home today lay the floor, is really diverse. With colors and patterns, they admire us. There is a difference between the floor design in the kitchen and in the bathroom, the living room and bedroom. What should be considered and what flooring should you choose for the different rooms? Let us hope for answers to important questions, which represent an interest for you in relation to the various floor coverings, see our article. We dive into the topic get together!

Flooring – parquet flooring in the bedroom with wooden panels on the wall combine design

modern floor coverings bedroom parquet retro Dresser-beige carpet

Which differ actually the individual flooring? Factors such as price, durability, ability to maintain the heat play a significant role in the selection of the suitable floor covering. Also questions how “This flooring is easy to lay?” exercise a strong influence on the decision for one or the other flooring. In each room there are certain requirements for the flooring. One should first take into account which room you designed, and then more thoughts about design flooring make. At the beginning of the home furnishings, you must pull the functions of individual spaces in consideration to select the right floor covering for this. Here is also the question of how each room will be heated. Space heating and flooring are so closely linked. We look at the various options, which are at the disposal.

Design flooring – dark floors and light walls make a nice color contrast in the living room

modern flooring living room Dresser modern hanging decorations

The reverse also looks good – Heller bedroom floor and dark wall decoration

modern flooring design ideas bedroom rustic Dresser accent wall

In the living room and bedroom

The soil in these two spaces to meet a few functions. Except that he should keep warm and easily cleaned, it must be nice and comfortable. Especially in the living room this factor plays an important role, because the floor design influenced but the whole room appearance. The variety of patterns and colours prepares you with the possibility to choose the right flooring, one easily votes on the entire interior. You can select what’s on the mind! Parquet and laminate flooring are particularly appropriate variants for these spaces.

Move the living room with laminate

design flooring living room laminate blue accent wall

Ground wood makes the bedroom look cozy and rustic at the same time

modern floor coverings bedroom set up wood-look colored bedding

Black soil gives the bedroom a stylish look

modern floor coverings bedroom set black ground yellow accents

Parquet flooring is great for the living room

design flooring design ideas living room corner sofa carpet floor

Lay a bright rug on the dark ground and this nice spice up

modern floor coverings bedroom blue accents sloping roof

Use the same flooring in the living room and bedroom

design flooring living room set dark floor grey carpet colorful accents

Bedroom with a vinyl floor

modern floor coverings bedroom vinyl wall light of rustic bedside table

Match the color of flooring on the wall design and the furniture

design flooring living room black sofa pendant lamp

In the nursery

In the nursery, it is particularly important that you choose the right flooring under all possible. Security here is the key word in the selection of the floor covering. Lay the nursery floor with a flooring that makes safe running and playing. Children play better on the ground, this should be so warm and soundproof. In the nursery, the soil is light and fast dirty. You should clean this so easily. Cork fits here great.

Children’s room with wood floor

modern floor coverings nursery wood floor white walls

Select a such flooring for your child’s room, where your child plays quietly

design flooring nursery shelves boys room design ideas

Laminate in the nursery

design flooring laminate nursery ground hammock walls

In the kitchen

Almost all floor coverings are suitable for the design of the floor in the kitchen . It is the most important for the flooring in the kitchen that you can easily clean it. Cooking without patches? Is there something? Then sit on a floor covering on the stains are easy to remove. Vinyl and tiles are a good solution here. Wood, linoleum and laminate are also good.

Vinyl floor tiles and Red kitchen cabinets give comfort and unique character of the kitchen

design flooring vinyl floor tiles kitchen red kitchen cabinets

Grey floor tiles for the kitchen

modern floor coverings kitchen darker floor kitchen tiles white furnishings

Nice texture for the kitchen floor tile design

design flooring kitchen wood floor light blue kitchen cabinets

Wooden floor gives your kitchen a warm touch

design flooring wood floor tiles walls white dining room furniture

In the bathroom

This is a wet room in its design, you should be attentive in every respect. Especially if you choose the flooring. Then, what are the possibilities? You could avoid dark floor tiles to make invisible damp patches. Vinyl, tiles and porcelain stoneware are most appropriate here. Here, one should avoid the risk of slipping in any case.

Make sure that your bathroom floor is slip-resistant

modern flooring bathroom floor tiles of matching flooring non-slip

Vinyl flooring fits beautifully in the bathroom

modern flooring vinyl Freistehnde bath of yellow side table

Wood-look in the bathroom floor tiles

modern flooring bathroom floor tiles wood look white wall tiles

At the end, we will want a tip for design flooring type in your home: be sure also to choose the matching skirting boards for your flooring. This can be your floor appear much more beautiful.

In the kitchen you can pull even a wood floor in consideration

modern floor coverings bedroom hardwood floors of Red chairs black chairs white kitchen cabinets

Wood floors with natural look

modern floor coverings bedroom wooden floors natural look accent wall

Interesting color combination of Brown, black and white

modern floor coverings bedroom wood panels white bedroom furniture

The children’s room with wooden floor laying

design flooring wood floor interior design ideas nursery Sreifenteppich dark furniture

design flooring nursery set up wall wallpaper learning corner

design flooring nursery set up white furniture colorful accents

design flooring kitchen floor design ideas

design flooring kitchen laminate white furnishings

design flooring kitchen black kitchen island

design porcelain tiles flooring kitchen set up lighting

design flooring vinyl of open living plan living room kitchen

design flooring design ideas kitchen Bamboo flooring white furnishings

design flooring design ideas kitchen kitchen rear dining area pendant

design flooring design ideas living room bamboo floor green walls of elegant furniture

design flooring design ideas living room wood floor coloured cushion

design flooring design ideas living room laminate floor of open living plan

design flooring design ideas living room laminate fireplace Orchid

design flooring living room floor tiles tiles minimalist

design flooring living room set up laminate flooring airy curtains

design flooring living room cozy coat bright interior

design flooring living room wood floor fireplace fancy coffee table coffee tables

design flooring living room wood floor cottage-style plants

design flooring living room parquet minimalist stones

modern flooring laminate bedroom floor beige shades wood furniture

modern flooring laminate interior design ideas bedroom light modern furnishings

modern flooring laminate interior design ideas bedroom plant balcony

modern floor coverings bedroom set up wooden bedside table lamps

modern floor coverings bedroom light wood luxury bed living ideas

modern floor coverings ceramic tiles bedroom carpet white bed

modern floor coverings bedroom nice texture accent wall grey bedding

modern floor coverings bedroom white floor fur carpet accent wall

modern flooring vinyl bathroom set up bathtub storage vanity Cabinet

modern flooring design ideas bedroom wooden floors, minimalist style

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