Design Interior And The Rebirth Of The World Atlas

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design Interior cushions map

In the interior design skillfully integrate the world map design Interior-

The old world maps see tons of dust in the attic are many of us forget and strangely excessive there forever stored.

In our today’s article we have prepared a very interesting topic, through which the old world map can come back in use. This time, she are taken to the Center and to shine with a charm, you definitely could not suspect.

The world map on decorative pillows is a great idea with learning effect

design Interior cushion of World Atlas map threesome

Took advantage of the fascination of your old world map or your used Road Atlas to create effective accents in your home. You can use a portion of it or spread it on the entire surface. Thus, you could make attractive to make inconspicuous furniture pieces, special areas of the space charakterstärker and original look through various design techniques.

City map on a pillow can be a very original gift

Design Interior cushion of World Atlas map London

As a souvenir or as a commodity this pillow will be your favorite piece

design Interior World Atlas wall cushion

Weltatlas-cushions make good sense in the nursery

design Interior cushion of World Atlas

Geographical maps as a motif on Deco pillows

The motive of the world map in the design is exciting and at the same time unobtrusive. The Pincushion covers can be easily exchanged or move for example. The saturated colors reinforce the joy and the effect of the pillow. If you prefer the vintage look, we recommend you to use old world maps for modern results, take rather current city maps.

The good thing about this scene is the valuable content

design Interior cushions Australia

With some effort you can create your own design

design Interior cushion of World Atlas map of Melbourn

The card is transferred to the cushion exactly

design Interior cushions New York

Maps of the world as furniture covers

The used furniture, you can assign a new charm through the technique of decoupage. Check out again like newly decorated drawers and counter tops.

You can cover the drawers from the outside as well as inside. Both are refreshing

design Interior World Atlas Dresser

The well polished surface of the wood allows additional coating

design Interior World Atlas Chair full

Map of the world as a wall accent

In this case, the whole wall is a kind of informative wallpaper. If the world map wallpaper in focus, make sure that everything else together with the wallpaper makes a line.

A world map in the bedroom could have a very great entertainment value

design Interior World Atlas wall bedroom

Lighting objects “around the world”

Old world maps or globes can be easy and original lights. Halve the globe or sheathing a simple paper or fabric lamp.

Globes are simply romantic and can be used well

design Interior World Atlas lamp

The monochromatic light will never bore you if you stick to the World Atlas

design Interior cushion of World Atlas map light object

Use the world map in scene

Maps of the world will get quite a different meaning if you make them visible or stress. This is usually done by positioning or if you frame a piece of the map.

The motif of a geographical map can be transmitted on clothes, home accessories, buttons, jewelry etc.

The effect of sharing on meaningful use

design Interior World Atlas wall art

Rain coat with the motif of the world map is intended for real enthusiasts

design Interior World Atlas wall raincoat

And yet a little inspiration in the form of a door handle

design Interior World Atlas wall door handle

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