Design Of Kitchens – 25 Current Interior Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Area

Design kitchens – current trends in 2016, which serve you over many long years

In the first part of this article about current kitchen designs, we have described what an atmosphere and feeling one should achieve in a modern area with such functions. Then, we have added some exact rules which you should use as a means to achieve this purpose. Now we continue with some other aspects of the current kitchen designs. It is about how one should understand ergonomics in a modern context, how to set up a Studio (a theme that is always current) and how most effectively combine the different elements of the kitchen design.

Wood accents in the white kitchen set design kitchens-

küchendesign white kitchen lighting carpet runner #...-White kitchen lighting - carpet runner

Design kitchen – the space compact and functional set up

design kitchen kitchen cabinets storage kitchen

Cool pendant lights complement the fresh kitchen cabinets in yellow

küchendesign yellow kitchen cabinets pendant Silver accents light flowers #...-yellow kitchen cabinets pendant light Silver accents flowers

Ergonomic kitchen design

Despite the multimedia functionality of modern cuisine, one comes through in modern design again and again: this place it is mostly used to prepare food. But this can be combined with many other acts contrary to the traditional perception. You can hear news or read a newspaper, develop original ideas for other areas of life, talk with friends and acquaintances with the coffee or drink. All must be viable and fit produced naturally by the atmosphere.

Create a space where you would like to cook and eat

küchendesign open Wall shelves green walls plant floor tiles #... open Wall shelves green-walls - plant - floor tiles

The rear wall of the kitchen could be a real eye-catcher

The modern kitchen has multiple functions

design kitchens white kitchen island orange accent wall TV

Even in the smallest area you may feel not constrained. In 2016, the current trends offer help to achieve this.

Basically 2016 seen in the well-known innovative and creative solutions for the kitchen, but they occur in even more skillful combinations and variations.

Friends kitchen modern set in fresh colours

design kitchen storage kitchen purple establishment white ground black kitchen re wall

Studio Setup

One of the latest achievements of modern kitchen design represents that the kitchen is integrated into the living area. That works well, you must select every detail very carefully. The furniture, the floor – and wall decoration, and even the lighting must harmonize with the other rooms and residential zones.

Open living plan often combines kitchen with living room

design kitchen kitchen storage kitchen cabinets open living plan

The partition wall between kitchen and living area could be particularly functional

design kitchens of open living plan partitioning functional white floor

In the case of the Studio set up the kitchen area should be purely visually so little space as possible. Many work surfaces can be distributed in adjacent zones. The furniture can be used for different purposes.

Final instructions for kitchen organization

At the end of this article, we want to summarize some key rules of modern kitchen organization and understand the information about this for you.

Place as many as possible of the functional furniture in niches that are not usable for other domestic purposes. So you have accommodated much and still have plenty of room and surface available.

Exploit the surface area makes sense

design kitchens white floor tiles hanging exploit niches

Before you set up your kitchen, you should try to visualize all processes there and practically to imagine this. Playing real-life situations several times until you are sure that you have selected the very best.

So that a room free feels there must be not only sufficient tread between the furniture, but they should be well distributed in the vertical direction. Work surfaces should be not too high. You must comply with your size. What is the average height of people in your household? The work area should be approx. 15 cm lower than the level of the hands.

Open Wall shelves provide an additional storage space

So as to obtain a modern flair to your kitchen, set to unity and geometric appearance. Also the window decoration belongs to a closed kitchen. We discuss this in the next part of our article titled: the curtains to kitchen Windows, the lighting and the decoration in the kitchen design – current trends that remain up-to-date in the coming years.

Lighting has a special meaning in the kitchen – functional as well as aesthetic

design kitchens lighting accents black ground white kitchen island decode accessories

Contrasts make the kitchen appear lively

design kitchens Brown set up bright floor tiles kitchen back wall

Compact set up the small kitchen

design kitchen kitchen cabinets grey deck white walls

Create large work surface in the kitchen

design kitchen carpet large working surface spacious

Emphasize the blue kitchen cabinets by plate, which you can use as accessories

Yellow kitchen furniture is a rare yet apt solution for the kitchen

küchendesign yellow institution grey deck storage ideas #... yellow interior grey floor storage space ideas

Kitchen island is practical with cupboards and drawers and expanded storage space

küchendesign small kitchen storage space order kitchen cabinets light grey

Combined kitchen and dining area

küchendesign compact einrichutung plant white floor tiles #... Compact einrichutung plants white-floor tiles

Illuminate the kitchen cabinets

Accents in your kitchen. What do you say about a stone wall?

küchendesign open living plan white kitchen island dining area wall stone #...-open housing plan - white - kitchen island - dining area-stone wall

Black accents bring a certain drama in the modern kitchen

küchendesign black accents wood flooring modern interior design ideas #... black accents - wood flooring - modern - interior design ideas

Hang a lamp over the dining table

küchendesign white furniture dining area storage ideas beige kitchen cabinets #... white furniture dining area storage space ideas beige kitchen cabinets

Provide for enough tread in the kitchen

Secure enough work surface in the kitchen

design kitchens white kitchen cabinets plant #... White - kitchen cabinets nice - kitchen back wall-plants