Design Tips For Your Radiator Cover

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radiator fairing grille Dresser

Make your radiator fairing with style

No matter, whether covered or not, the radiators represent a focal point in the room. While this is not always good because they were created for comfortable living, but aesthetics is often in the background.

Thank goodness the furniture designers take this task ever more seriously, to seamlessly integrate these necessary items in the design of the rooms. Below, we have selected 10 wonderful ideas how you can realize your next project for radiator design.

1. contemporary and functional

Often, the modern radiator fairing has wonderful metal grille. But that is not always a must, which very well inscribed in the interior design. You can convert the heater, but always in a functional piece of furniture. By the idea of setting up on the picture above you has created a table inside the radiator, you can use super convenient.

2. custom made shelves and cabinets

What can you ask more than the covering of the heater here? You could purchase a model, which extends along the whole wall.

It may include also storage and exhibition areas

radiator fairing with an elegant shelf

3. architectural beauty

This is another wonderful example of a built-in ceiling heater.

It inscribes itself seamlessly in the rest room

radiator fairing bookshelves

The clean lines and the soft surface represent the ideal surface, on which you can exhibit art and other valuable items.

4. slim ceiling Cabinet style as furnishing idea

Even though the heater contains no storage area, you could make it so give that impression. You can use the interface as well as a console table and it will look just like a normal piece of furniture in the room.

Elegant radiator fairing – interior design by Schappacher white architecture D.P.C.

white Dresser minimalist radiator fairing

5. create a consistent appearance by interior design ideas in the same style

You can use the same type of radiators everywhere and thus creating a fairly uniform look

radiator fairing lacquer wood

Do you want it? Here we see a picture of the same area as from the last picture, and here the ceilings of the heaters in the entire region have been distributed. This was a wonderful effect.

6 integrated window shelves

Without this window ceiling here would have a strange niche, which is used for nothing

radiator Panel in the window recess with grid

You can fill the entire room with small corners like this and this makes for a wonderful character.

You can enjoy also a Visual extension of the room. In this case the eye not to the dark place is kept up, but following the extension of the white area. You can place a sculpture or other beautiful objects on the surface.

7 simple furnishing idea with a shelf

Are you looking for a simple DIY solution?

radiator fairing and open shelf

Then you can install but a shelf as a radiator Panel. It can be a small floating structure or a similar establishment idea which shows the same effect.

8 mini marble bars

This is a luxurious and at the same time very simple solution

radiator Panel shelf from marble

Can be sure wonderful bath towels and shower products. In the local shops and workshops, locate beautiful marble pieces!

9 kitchen work surface over a heater

Looking for a simple solution of installation in the kitchen.

In our case, we see an idea of setting up for the corner of the kitchen or the living room

Radiator fairing work area

This is a particularly appropriate solution if you want to use the space above the heater especially effective.

10 console as a radiator Panel

Do you want a simple furnishing idea, which requires virtually no effort?

radiator fairing long chest of drawers In the hallway

Search for a console table, which will cover your radiators and you will no longer notice them?

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